Rescue Journal

i went to bed just after 9 pm last night and slept in a bit until how come i am still tired? it sucks.

Carol  ·  May 20, 2008

while i had jess out for a walk, i paced off the soon to be memorial will be approx 24'x80'...not huge but much bigger than i expected. that space looks small from the road, but it is misleading, once you step into it, it actually is quite a good size. i think it will be very nice, i popped into the nursery to look at plants yesterday too. the best part is there are already some mature trees in that area, i think we only have to take out one that is in the way of the fence. can't wait...we need a place of peace and reflection around here..i am trying to figure out how to get in a rock faced water fall!

i spent an hour trying to catch a freaked out rotti running down lougheed hwy way out in ruskin. i almost hit him with my car but was able to stop in time. he was just too freaked out to catch. i called the spca, they had been out a couple of times trying to get him. they had the RCMP slowing down traffic but to no avail, they couldn't catch him either. WHY do people leave their dogs outside in a storm???? he is a dead dog if he doesn't un-freak soon, i looked for him again on my way home from work but couldn't find him.
iky is such a dork, she bugs the little guys and then i tell her to stop. she comes over for reassurance that i am not mad at her and then she goes right back and bugs them again. i really wanted to lay down for a few minutes before i went out to put the barn guys to bed...(i am that tired!)... but clyde would not stop trying to suck my eye balls out and that is just too gross to try to ignore. ellie and jeanette are having a real hard time with this change in weather. they both are very sore tonight so i upped their pain meds a little bit.

hook didn't eat much today, sparkles ate a bit (but not enough,) jewel is eating way too much and starting to get fat.

dixie looks much better since i made her move into my room. she is eating well but is still a freak and i suspect that part will never change. she has a mouse sized matt hanging off her neck that is driving me insane but feral cats are not about to let you cut matts off them so i am impatiently waiting for it to finish coming off on its own.... it is ALMOST there. feral cats should not have long hair.

new incoming...nicole is working at the vancouver emergency clinic...there is a cat with a broken jaw, the owners refuse to claim him, the spca have limits on what they can spend on animals that folks no longer want and he doesn't have any money of his own. the surgery itself is not too bad, probably around $1000 cuz a specialist has to be brought in and the emergency vet said she would waive her post op after care fees so that is very nice...but there is the $1500 a day hospitalization charge that i guess we start paying today. his surgery is booked for tomorrow and he will have to stay there for at least a couple of days. it is a good thing nicole and zoe did such a great job on the fundraiser or i might just have to kill nicole. that is a VERY bad place for her to work!!! anyway, she is trying to wheel and deal with the clinic to get the cost down but whatever, the cat needs help and now we know it so we will pay whatever it is we have to pay.

i told her she should work at a cheaper clinic...emergency is just too high tech for our budget. saints welcomes whatever his name is...good luck with your surgery tomorrow little guy.
three more shifts to go and then i get the weekend off...maybe i could have a nap then.



mum and i saw the same rotti, and tried to catch him, too. no luck yet.


I haven't been online for a while - but what wonderful news about the memorial garden. I think that your idea about the handpainted stones is beautiful and meaningful. Did you know that the people with Best Friends lay stones on graves and memorials in tribute and remembrance to those loved and gone? I don't know what grows well where you are but I am sure that it will be everything befitting SAINTS. God Bless and Thank You.