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saints new name..... Suckers for Punishment (S.F.P.)

Carol  ·  May 21, 2008

little poverty stricken white cat with the broken jaw is already a bit of a headache...i was on the phone with emergency and nicole til after 10 pm working out payment (cash or credit card up front before all treatments)....geez it is a good thing we had the fundraiser or that cat would be toast already. anyway, nicole has to drive out and meet me at work in maple ridge to give me the fundraiser money so i can deposit it into the saints account and get a certified cheque. then nicole has to run the cheque back to the clinic in vancouver and pay the bill so he can have his surgery cuz i am not letting anyone put this on their personal credit card. with nicole working there i am sure we are going to hear of others in dire need occasionally, i want the clinic to get used to taking cheques from us and trusting that we pay our own bills. that is how you build relationships with wary, previously burned clinics so when push comes to shove and trust is needed somewhere down the road, we have a solid base of past positive interactions to maybe help in a crises. anyway...that is my plan.

mr. broken jaw will be coming home with an esophageal feeding tube and will require feeding and flushing around the clock every 4-6 hours for the next month or so (there goes my nap!) nicole said she would come out more often (she is feeling guilty for saving his life, which is stupid cuz if i was there, i'd have done the same thing and so would everyone else) but i think realistically, it is better to train the staff and eva if they are willing cuz they are closer if i can't get home on some lunch break one day.

sheila posted a pic of quinn (the unsocialized, catatonic aussie pup) below, but now it is gone. how is your little fundraiser prize doing you guys? ( i didn't get an update last night cuz Idol was starting so i cut sheila off.... it was a GREAT show...except the freaking phone kept on ringing.)
enquiring minds want to know.
not only was that fundraiser a lot of fun but it has directly had a very real positive impact on 2 animals that none of us knew... plus it will clear our existing vet bills, not bad you guys, good job and well done. both of these animals and all our existing ones, thank everyone who came out and made it such a success in ways that none of us even thought of!



He was a dog that was advertised as "free" to a good home on craiglist along with 2 other dogs. The person who went and picked him up asked Carol to take him instead of taking him to a shelter since he was so "catatonic" with fear.


Sheila and Leila, if anyone can bring Quinn around and help him feel loved and secure, you can! I'm glad he landed safely with you.
But for those of us who weren't at the fundraiser.....what's his story??? I am QUITE sure he wasn't really auctioned off!!!!! LOL


sheila, i couldn't get the photos through the link you sent me.
can you email me a few instead.

the new boy is beautiful, i'm going to try and get a picture of him when i go in today. his old name was Princeton, which isn't going to stay. there are a few names i'm trying to decide on.


so will the new guy be named bj? just a thought
note the obvious lack of capitals?


I deleted the picture of Quinn because it had writing underneath it (looked goofy) I sent Nicole a link to Quinn's pictures last night and a write up. I think she is busy with the little kitty. So below is what I wrote about Quinn(with some added bits this morning)

Quinn spent the first 3 hours glued to the back seat of my car. We picked him up out of the car and he peed on us as we carried him. That was fun. Then after 15 minutes of luring we got him out of the car and into the back yard. He literally crawled from the front to the back yard. And then in the back yard he spent over an hour glued to the grass. After hours of being in the back yard and getting very close to night time Leila did a bad, bad thing. She forced Quinn by pulling on his leash. Now he is afraid of the leash. He spent the next 24 hours glued to the back room (in a corner) and then this morning he howled because everyone (including the dogs) refused to spend time with him in the back otherwise he would stay there forever. After an ongoing back and forth for 4 hours (and the disappearance of evil Oliver) he made his way into the rest of the house. So now he is pretty okay in the house and he goes outside and follows you around outside like glue. Did I say he submissive pees. He peed when Leila touched his tail to see if it was naturally docked or not. And then he peed again. Oliver has a buddy. This morning I came down and only Quinn and Oliver were downstairs and I think Oliver with his I’m in charge, I’m an a hole barking convinced Quinn he isn’t allowed of the dog matt he was on. He is now sitting on the matt (soaking wet from his peeing) crying. Leila touched him and he peed. He has to cut that out.

Quinn seems to be around 5 or 6 months since he still has puppy hair, gangly legs, and brand new adult teeth. He is huge. He seems to be over 60 pounds. He is coming around quickly, considering he has never left his penned area for the first six months of his life. And from his reaction to the people who were giving him away for free they didn’t spend much time interacting with him because he was just has afraid of them as he is of strangers. Did I mention he submissive pees. So if anyone is looking for a large aussie mix puppy that understands how to socialize an undersocialized dog send him/her our way.
We will be posting him on SAINTS petfinder when we believe he is ready for adoption.