Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 21, 2008

mr broken-jaw arrives tonight...his surgery went well and to help save on the $1500/day hospitalization fee, nicole is bringing him around 10 pm tonight. he has had his first tube feeds and is wearing a patch which is good for 3 days of pain control. he might as well recover here, we can manage fresh post ops, been there, done that, it just means a little less sleep. but frankly the fundraiser did NOT make quite enough to clear all the vet bills plus his surgery and 3 days of hospitalization (ooops, i added wrong.)

i think nicole said she is naming him "ralphie" so welcome St. Ralph and i hope we find you a great home really soon!!!

ellie is so sore tonight and she is in a bad mood. poor pig. i told her the nice weather is coming back by the weekend and she told me to get the "F" out of her way.

nicole was here this afternoon while i was at work so she got to watch clyde being a dork...he was walking on the counters and knocking the cat boxes over and generally being a royal mess making pain.

sunrise was looking crappy earlier in the week, but i think he looks much better tonight so i hope it lasts. he is such a sweet cat. the other americats are doing quite well, of course it is probably bad luck to actually say that. nothing like being surrounded and mobbed by a bunch of happy to see you cats...sunrise waits for you to go and say hello to him but the others just bring it all to you.

dixie has decided that i am to feed her at least four times a day. she stands on my bed and caterwauls at me til i go and get her more canned food. i get it for her but she still hates my guts, she thinks i am evil and stupid even if i do give her whatever she asks for. sigh, she will never like me, she doesn't like me any more today than she did 6 years ago...oh well...i quite like her and i hope it irritates her that i don't hate her back.
tiger lily is staring at me as we speak and i know what she is thinking i look like a freaking waitress?

she is so old, i guess i better go feed her again too.



Welcome Ralphie!

I fostered "broken jaw kitty" for the Vancouver Hospital last year and "Jaws" - (named by one of my students). After recovery he was adopted! Lets hope Ralphie has the same good fortune as he's already on his way having so many caring people look after him.


i have to say yay to VAEC - they were very good to us. the vet bill was high, but not as high as it could have been.


Greetings and Congrats to St. Ralphie. You could not have landed in a better place. Poor Ellie - really the warmer weather will be there in no time at all - but don't feel bad, I'm in the desert and my knees are killing me!

Welcome Quinn - you cutie you! May you cast aside your fears and insecurities and make tremendous strides toward trust and just being a dog in your new surroundings. You are warm, safe, and loved by more than you will ever know.

You know, I was just looking at Aladdin's picture the other day - boy I miss that cat! I miss all of the Americats but am so very grateful for the home and hearts that they have found. Please give them extra hugs and head butts for me.

Well, it sounds like all in all things are great at SAINTS. Your blog always makes me smile and puts the world in perspective. Thank You.


Please tell Tiger Lily I love her and really enjoyed out little walk on Monday in spite of her slight mishap in the ditch.


Welcome St Ralphie, soon you won't hurt anymore and Saints will be a wonderful place for you recuperate and rest while waiting for your new family to find you.

Just about time for American Idol Carol...2 hours tonight, I don't know if I can sit still for that long. Who do you think will win Carol? I tried dark Chocolate M&M's tonight, thinking they aren't my favorite, milk chocolate is much better