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Carol  ·  May 22, 2008

sparky is finally able to eat on her own...she really likes that cowboy casserole...and at least it doesn't need to be smashed and watered down anymore. she is following me around again, looking for more food. now we put the weight back on her, yay sparky, welcome back!!!

jewel is comfortable again tonight, this afternoon she was hurting big time. i added a high dose of tramadol (and checked the dose with the vet cuz of the other meds she is on) and hopefully we can keep her pain down until we see the vet on saturday.

alfie is doing ok (i am sorry but alfie is NOT that cat's name nicole...he actually likes his other name better (princeton) or even alfred maybe, he is quite refined and dignified and thinks alfie sounds like a trash can cat. the tube feeds are going well, his pain is under control with the fentanyl patch and tonight i added metacam to get his levels up before the patch wears out tomorrow. i am also going to start adding some vet amino to his feeds just to make sure he is getting everything he needs. he has stopped hissing and is pretty much dozing all day long. he has not emptied his bladder since i started watching at noon so i am watching him for that now too. where is his picture? he is a beautiful cat (a turkish van)
ellie seemed much better tonight, grammy and annie seemed a little less lame, i gave them a small dose of bute at bedtime so hopefully if carl leaves them alone for awhile, they will continue to feel better. cuddles (the poodle) is having a freaking fit cuz i left him on the wrong side of the gate so i better get my butt back in there with him before he has a meltdown.

jed is finally putting on weight, he is starting to look quite good, darla has not died recently and spritely's leg looks good right now too.

oh, and dixie is still pigging out many times a day and she still has that ugly matt hanging off her neck too.



Is Sparkles (on your web site pictures) the same as "Sparky" that you are talking about here? you think she will be up for adoption if she recuperates??? Hmmmmmmm I'm going to White Rock in mid-June.....sure would like to see her :)



Ooops, that comment should have been in response to the post below this one!!! LOL


Surrey SPCA had a couple of llamas they were trying to find homes for a few weeks ago.