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banana thoughts

Carol  ·  May 23, 2008

we have alot of sick and/or fragile animals. we have 2 staff people here for 4 hours 0830-1230 mon-fri when i am at work (it is just too hard a day for one person to do all of it even in 8 hours. plus we still have at least partial coverage if one of the staff are sick). and these 4 hour shifts mean the animals are never alone for more than four hours or so. with clyde's unpredictable seizures, sparky's recent stroke, and darla's brief near death experience....that is just not good enough coverage anymore. yet we can't afford more hours. so now trina will work from 0830-1230 and renee will work from 1100-1500...i get home just after 5 pm when i am on day shift so they won't be alone for more than a couple of hours. i think this will be better. they usually sleep in the late afternoon as long as no one shows up here to get them all riled up again. anyway, starting monday, this is going to be our new schedule, we'll see how it works.

i would like to change phoebe's name to "scar".... yes she will have another one as soon as this new ouch heals. today she poked herself on a loose piece of wire on the hurt, she freaked and tore herself open. it doesn't need stitches because it will heal better if open and allowed to drain but we did start her on antibiotics just in case. probably calling her "scar" is not very nice, so i am thinking about adding to it and calling her phoebe scarlett?! that is a nice and red (and scarred) sounding name.

this place is a wreck again, how long have i been back to work? in looking around me it must be a very long time. my next set of holidays are in mid june. they can't come soon enough cuz i need to get organized yet again! why does everything look so good and happy when i am on vacation from work and as soon as they are over, it is all down hill until i get holidays again?
oh! i know, it is cuz i get tired when i am working and don't do as much as i should! it is a good thing i booked my holidays several times through out the year.
vet visits this weekend include so far...jewel to get that bony facial mass checked and to have a discussion re: planning new pain control for her, and.... alfred (aka alfie) needs to have his feeding tube placement checked. he is more alert today so i am guessing the patch is wearing off. good thing i started the metacam last night or he would be sore already today....he did finally pee last night so that is good, one less thing to worry about right now. hopefully no one else has any crises and we can get away with just 2 visits to the clinic this weekend... i would like a bit of a break on all of the medical crap this weekend too.

i am quite tired, but there is alot of laundry and i still have to put the barn beasties to bed....if i did a bit of extra cleaning tonight, maybe tomorrow would be easier? i doubt it, cleaning around here does not starts deteriorating as soon as it is done....cleanliness is like a banana, it turns pretty icky real darn quick....those plastic bananas look good for a long time if you dust them occasionally....but cleaning here is not like a plastic'd have to not have animals to keep it looking good, and if we didn't have animals, we wouldn't be a real banana (i mean rescue.)



just had to say that your last sentence made me burst out laughing. have a good night. see you tomorrow.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

I did get back to do Simon and he and Colton got fed this am. I had to work in Maple Ridge so was in a hurry this am. Colton has football practice tomorrow and Sun. I will come at nine to do S and C and Frodo before practice. Tammy will be there to do all the rest of the rabbits on Sunday. Monday I will do the rabbits and the cats and the mp room. I will also do ther chart for Alfie. Any other charting let me know And I will do it ok. I took the bottles and cans in today and there is 7,something. I will bring it in the am. Have a good sleep tonite and I am glad kitty cat is improving. Eva