Rescue Journal

we have no baking for the bake sale yet

Carol  ·  May 23, 2008

and the sale is next friday, may 30th. i am going to ask my daughters to bake cookies, i don't dare try to bake anything here. if anyone has baked goods for the sale, they can be dropped off here at saints and stored in the mp freezer and laura will come and get them. thanks!

i am instituting a no dog walking rule unless i am here to ask. forget the red collars, collars fall off, people sometimes take them off for baths or because of neck irritations, some dogs won't/can't wear them, sometimes their health status changes overnight and i forget to change their collars before i go to work. sometimes folks are new and don't know the dogs or the area and that is really unsafe. so no dogs are to be walked unless i am here. simple rules are best i think, less room for disaster.

alfred hates to be tube fed. halfway thru his supper, he got up, walked over to the corner of his cage, turned his back on me and faced the corner and then he sat down. can't get much clearer than that.

i am so sorry buddy, you do have to be fed and i know you don't like it....only for a month or so and then never again.
and the good news tonight is....dixie chick's giant matt fell off her neck today!



OMG those kitchen sink cookies that Deb baked a while back were absolutley to die for... I will buy several dozen if she makes them !!!!


Anyone in Vancouver, etc can drop off any baked goods at my place in Vancouver. I'll be going out to saints on wednesday. email me at


Is there anyone in Vancouver going out before the sale? I can get some baking done but I can't get it out there.


Cookies,squares,pies,loaves at Scotiabank all of it goes!(catchy slogan lol) Our customers love goodies and animals, so we never have a problem selling out. Quantity is good since the bank is matching sales. Also if it's not clear what the item is could you please label it.


What types of baked goods sell most quickly? Are there any super-popular items? I'll make a few different things, and if there are some sure sellers, that's what I'll bake.


i shall get onto it- mum and i LOVE baking, and we often make too much to eat!