Rescue Journal

jewel's day

Carol  ·  May 24, 2008

she had another pain crises this morning, thank god she had a vet appointment. i took her in at 10 am and wasn't sure i would be ever bringing her home again. i left her there for xrays and a biopsy and maybe a fentanyl patch...she had them all, and i just picked her up. there are no masses in her spinal column, her cervical area is free from degenerating disease like a wobblers syndrome so it probably is a disc compression. we will try her on steriods and see how she does.

the clinic was so good to her, when she is in pain, she gets anxious, and when she is anxious, she likes to pace. first they gave her a whole exam room to pace in but that wasn't big enough for her so they let her wander around the back of the clinic all day instead. it was very kind of them to not stick her in a kennel, she would have been very upset.

as soon as we got home her patch fell off. the trouble with the patches is; it is a narcotic and a pretty high dose for her size so if one of the little'r idiots ate it, they would die. i have re-taped it on and wrapped her tight with vet wrap and tape and it better not fall off again cuz several years ago, copper ate one and even tho he did not die (cuz he is so fat!) it was a worry for a while.

her facial mass biopsy has gone off to the lab, let's hope it is nothing too bad.



I was at my vets today with my old girl Chance for her accupuncture treatment with David the Physiotherapist he does physio & pain management for dogs. I talked about Jewel with him and he said for you to call him and he would give you a free consult. Remember I gave you his card. It may be worth a try. When you call him make sure to say you are Carol from Saints Animal Sanctuary.