Rescue Journal

we managed clyde's passing as well as we could

Carol  ·  May 29, 2008

i gave him 20 mg of acevet, 30 mg of tramadol plus his regular 65 mg of phenobarb an hour before his appointment, he fell asleep on the couch with me but he woke up as soon as i put him in the carrier. he was suspicious and nervous at the vets but he did not go insane. he only tried to bite me once and then we let him stay in the crate. we fed him 2 doses of ketamine but he still would not go to sleep. he did finally lay next to me on the floor and colleen then gently without any fuss, gave him an anaesthetic and he finally fell asleep. from there he slept thru his passing. all total it took almost 2 hours to help him to go. colleen was very patient with us and let him take his time.

i almost called it off several times but she told me his violence would get worse and one of these times one of the vulnerable guys could easily lose an eye. clyde was clyde, it terrorized him to be alone or isolated, but he wasn't safe any more as part of the group. i wish this had ended differently but it didn't and tonight it feels very empty here.

be happy clyde, please be at peace.



Let's rejoice with the memories of Clyde. When did he first come to SAINTS and what was his history? I know he had happy times. Those are what matter now.


i am truly sorry carol. the right decisions can break our hearts . you hadto protect everyone else. i hope clyde is now happy. i will miss his little face peering through the door. lynne


you did the right thing. there is no consolation in knowing that. there is no comfort and i am sorry.


Carol, I am so sorry and sad that you had to let Clyde go. I thought he was a very cute little guy and had hoped to adopt him perhaps sometime. Under the circumstances, I think you did the very thing you had to do. It is sad, but Clyde is now free and no longer afraid and is happy where he is.

My thoughts are with you,



Were it only so that the right things were the easy things to do.
You made a loving decision, Carol; not only for poor Clyde, who spent so much of his life in a waking nightmare, but for the other dogs, and cats, potential victims all.
Clyde is at peace now, Carol. I wish the same for you.


Rest in Peace Clyde. Run free and be happy in a place where your mind is clear. You will be missed!!!!


Carol you did the right thing. Everyone is safe and Clyde is at peace with all the other SAINTS. God Bless you Clyde. You are now free.