Rescue Journal

lazy saturday.

Carol  ·  May 31, 2008

jewel had pain issues this morning, mugsy had pain issues this morning and so did i. we are just a bunch of freaking cripples who need our meds adjusted again. it was a bit of disrupted sleep last night. i had to check on the horses a few time as they were unknowingly given a bunch of fresh grass clippings. you would think it was ok cuz horses eat grass but the clippings are not only exposed to gas fumes...but my lush back yard grass is not the course, sparse grass they are used to eating. i called mo when i discovered the left overs in their feeder last night cuz i wasn't sure but i thought it was not a great thing....she said i needed to watch them for colic...... luckily they were all ok.

it was also disrupted because not only did my neck hurt but boo decided to bite me in the middle of the night. i guess she was pissed with my up and down routine so when i moved innocently once too often in my sleep, she nailed me in retribution. she is a bad cat. she was in a better mood this morning tho and when we woke up she let me tug 2 small matts off her neck, that was a big accomplishment for us so i am no longer mad at her.
it was quite busy today with lot's of folks around (the first one arrived at 07:30...yikes!) but i am kind of in la la land with the muscle relaxants, the lack of sleep and the recent emotional stuff so i just ineffectively tried to do my own thing...i got a few things done but nothing worth bragging about.

everyone is gone now, it is very quiet here. all the dogs and cats are resting peacefully. i think i will try to watch "silk" with pugsy, cuddles and squirt, they all like watching movies and eating popcorn with me.

oh! and the bake sale was a HUGE success....whoever heard of a bake sale making $4000?...laura and lana and the bank of nova scotia did (the bank matched the $2000 they made)! thank you to everyone who baked and participated in this, life is a little bit easier now. laura is going to stage a photo op with the dogs, she will be handing them the cheque! i will try to get someone to post it on the website, i bet it will be a great picture.


Eva Stock

Laura and Lana, I think you are awesome and thank you very much from all the people and animals at Saints!!! See you soon. Eva And thanks for ressuring me about our Simon too.

Lynn P

My mom had a great time baking for this and said "anytime!!" .. As a senior she doesn't get a lot of opportunity to help SAINTS out - you should have heard her holler when she heard how much was raised!

Thanks Lana and Laura for putting this together and giving a whole other group a chance to volunteer.


Yes, not only was the bake sale a huge success it as Zoe says was "EPIC"! This could only happen because of all the people who love animals and especially love SAINTS. So a 'BIG HUG' out to my Mission Scotiabank family and to my Saints family. Also aside from the great $$$$$$ I enjoyed talking to all the people who were drawn to our poster boards with the pictures & stories of our Saints gang. I can only hope that putting the word out there to all the caring animal people in the Mission community will have a positive spin off. I'm looking forward to presenting the cheque and as Carol is camera shy the dogs will gladly step in for the photo op. Since dogs don't know to get excited about $$$$ Moe suggested putting peanut butter on the cheque and they will all eagerly gather around. Great idea but don't worry Carol I will not use the real cheque I'm sure you don't want to see Copper greedily gobble down $4000.00 Well I think I better go out for a long walk now...because baking all week meant a LOT of taste tasting! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!


way to go lsns snd laura great job who would have thought it waould have made that much kudos to you lynne