Rescue Journal

what robert e. bootstraps (aka boots) has learned so far......

Carol  ·  May 31, 2008

he has learned...

there are great pastures to snoop around in. (his owner's daughters cried when they saw him running in the field.)

couches are comfortable to lay on and pretty easy to get up on and try not to sit on poodles when picking the right spot.

squirt is friendly and welcoming but will not let you eat out of his personal food bowl....if you must eat, go eat out of one of the other ones that do not belong to him.

jewel is very nice as long as you don't even think of trying to mount her.

phoebe is a hag.

those other 4 legged things are cats and they are boring.

carrot cupcakes taste really good and laura brings really good cookies.

pugsy is not a statue, she is alive and actually moves once in awhile.

as soon as carol goes out the door to rescue frodo off the roof... quickly open the cupboard doors, dig around, and see what is really inside of there.

i can't wait to see what he learns tomorrow.

he is a retriever/lab cross emma.....he is a very funny and interested in EVERYTHING kind of dog and he seems to quite like it here. he has a very great face.

alfred princeton is doing great but he wants out of that freaking cage!



Welcome Robert E., we are all so happy that you found a safe place to land. It might take you a few days to figure out freedom, affection, attention and protection, but eventually you'll realize that your new home is not a dream, but a happy reality, and your old life is nothing but an unhappy memory.

Shalom sweet dog.

Chris T

It must be amazing (and sad at the same time) to watch a dog discover the joys of being alive. Welcome Boots. I hope you live for a very long time at SAINTS!


Its so good to know that he is adjusting well! Welcome home boots! He will think hes in heaven!!! I wish all chained dogs got to go to a place like saints before their time was up. Hes a lucky boy to have landed in such a soft place. Couldve been a cold hard cell. Thanks for all you do guys!!!


This post warmed my heart! Thinking of this doggie getting a new lease on life...


Sounds like Boots has literally found heaven on Earth. I am o glad he found you. Sounds like his was a pretty lonely life before he came to Saints!! Welcome Boots I can't wait to meet you!!!!!