Rescue Journal

geez deb quit getting me thinking!

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2008

i don't think maude remembers i rescued her from that cage that drove her insane. i think she has forgotten all that. all that she remembers now is that she can trust me and i am easy to boss around and roxie needs to be yelled at each weekend.
i hope clyde didn't remember that no one loved him before. i hope he thought he had always been loved.

i think squirt doesn't remember that he hasn't always charged around and skidded off the cupboard doors. he still remembers not to trust anyone except me and renee but i hope one day he will forget to remember that too.

i do think gideon knows damn well every inch of use he gave to mankind. and i think he is one of the few who truly appreciates that it is now our time to be of use to him.

percy doesn't remember he was once hungry and tied to a tree, he just remembers that motorized vehicles are exciting and people are supposed to be nice.

raymond doesn't remember starving and chewing himself off a chain, he is just not sure what he is supposed to be doing right now.

jazz did remember being lonely and calling for someone to come and hold her in the dark of the night but during the daytime she was more interested in what was around the next corner and not about where she had come from.

hook, i can't decide about..i am pretty sure he knows what he has found here. i think in alot of ways he is as wise as gideon. and i know the americats have noticed a change in their circumstances but i think cats remember things better than dogs....except cole..he remembers and he wants what he wants now, which isn't alot but he really wants to enjoy a few special things, they are really important to him now.
i think the true measure of how successful are we, is that they actually forget that life sucked previously.

i have been thinking alot about clyde today. i miss him. i miss the feel of him, i miss the constant worry. i miss being his champion before others fell for his charm. i miss that jolt i would get as i realized 10 times each day, just how freaking cute he was cuz clyde was indescribably cute.

and i have to tell you that making clyde happy was incredibly easy...ok, so caring for him was not so much. but all it took to make him feel safe and loved and happy inside was as easy as just sitting on the laundry room floor. over he would come and climb up beside me and then half of him would end up on my lap. a thumb for him to chew on, fingers gently encircling his nose, rubbing the cheeks on his face. a kiss on the top of his spikey, little head, another and another and another one too and clyde was in heaven. that's all it took, me on the floor and him in my lap...i miss that too.


Stan Labatte

Sometimes love hurts. It's not the easies thing to share our love with other beings, to let know and feel they are loved. I have had the great pleasure to have been invited to your place,and spend time there. I have had the pleasure, to give you a big old redneck bear hug and always do where I come and go. Your one of those very special people that when you hug them it's like hugging,the sun on a cold spring day a warm glow floods one's being with a sense of contentment and of well being.

I love spending time with your animals, I spend so much time with hurt,abused, starved, neglected animals. To be surrounded by a house full of animals with the same warm sun on a cold spring day glow you have shared with many hugs and quiet one on one hands on fur minuets.I love to just sit on your floor and be surrounded by all the love and contentment.

I have sat on your floor with you and seen all the love you have for then and the love they have for you. There is no doubt in my mind that you always make all the diecions there with your love for all them first and formost. I have spent many hours talking to you are very very calm thoughtful smart womon.You have told me many times that you never do any thing with out lots of thought, and I need to try and avoid knee jerk reactions.

I think what I am try to say is for what it worth is that I would trust my LIFE and the souls of my many furry friends to you any day. I don't doubt please don't you... Stan


You are right, Deb. We do honour both animals and people by grieving them. Maybe we fight it because it is painful.


We actually agree here, Carol. My dogs only remember the HUGE horrors, not the everyday agonies of not being wanted, or cared for, or fed, or touched gently and often, or protected, or loved. Kirby is still terrified of men. I'll never be able to love that out of him. Madison was terrorized by teenaged boys, and no amount of support will help her forget that. MacKenzie, at 8 weeks of age, was tied to a wall in every kind of weather and bombarded with loud noises that nearly sent her over the edge.
Those are the only real memories my guys have. After they came to live with us we treated them as though they had been with us from day 56. They don't remember other "owners" or places where they lived, but they DO know, especially MacKenzie, because I physically removed her from her nightmare myself, that we are the ones who love them most.
Don't try to tell me that Maudie and Lexi and Cole and Ellie-Mae and Gideon and Squirt, the late and dearly missed Jazz, Dexter, Albus, Ogidie, Michael, Cedric, Moses, Bill, Jack, Wilbur, Peter and your boy Clyde didn't/don't know that you are a special human, not just a run-of-the-mill decent person, but someone with whom they share(d) a deep and meaningful bond. Animals are smarter than humans , Carol, they can spot a fake two miles away.
You loved Clyde, and Clyde loved you. Of course you miss him, he was a huge part of your existence, and you honour his memory by grieving him. Clyde was loved. The time was too short, and the price was high, but you did what you do, you gave him your all, and he left you knowing that.