Rescue Journal

another rumour squashing

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2008

no we did not spend the entire proceeds of the silent auction fundraiser on fixing the cat with the broken jaw....alfred princeton's final bill came to a very reasonable $1700....but i did just write out cheques to all of our other vets to the tune of $12,000.00...this means that since march 24th (which was the last time that i cleared all the accounts) we have spent almost $14,000.00 on just vet bills and medications alone.

no wonder i get alot of tension headaches...that is alot of outstanding bills to worry about....i guess we would be incredibly noble if we had spent all of that on just one broken cat...but we didn't, so we aren't noble at all. but at least it is nice to hear a positive rumour about us for a change.



Alfred Princeton could care less whether S.A.I.N.T.S. paid $1700 or $7.99 for his Vet bill. All he knows is that he doesn't hurt anymore. That's not a rumour, that's a fact.


you would not could i possibly fuss at you if we both were being noble?...noble people cannot fuss, whine and complain, it is against the rules.
truthfully tho, thank god i am not noble...i would go crazy if i could not complain.


that is an entertaining rumour, i'm pretty sure i would have gotten an earful had i brought in a cat with a vet bill that high.