Rescue Journal

a blast from the past

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2008

i just got off the phone with this very nice gentleman who adopted a senior cat from me about a dozen years ago. she eventually passed away and 6 yrs ago, he called me again and adopted simba. simba just died at 17 and he is looking for his 3rd de-clawed cat. he only wants previously de-clawed but he would never do it himself, so he waits until a rescue comes in and then gives them a very good home. so today he was asking if i had another great de-clawed cat cuz the last two worked out so well. i had to admit that the only one i have for adoption is boo (and we all know what she is like) so i suggested he try some of the other rescues as well. simba was a very cool cat, rip little buddy, i remember you, you were a very good guy.

i have got to get jewel off the steriods, she is eating herself into whalehood. the extra weight is horrible for her damaged spine but i am afraid to lose control of her pain. colleen is not in until friday so i will have to wait til then to talk to her. i think if we put on a pain patch during the transition from prednisone to melixacam...that might just work. (i hope)
mugsy had a tough day, he was vomitting and retching this morning. we started him on some gastro meds and he seems a bit better right now. but he is fading...of course not enough to refrain from snarling when i tried to brush him. but slowly and surely he is going down hill and that makes me very sad. too bad you can't find a pill to stop them from aging...he is such a very good dog....except when you want to brush him and he looks very scruffy right now.
alfred princeton is perkier today. cuddles is healing quickly, he only has one open wound left and it is much smaller. cole made it into the mp room this afternoon so mostly this evening everything is sort of well. i am hoping the hay delivery will still happen tonight, but it is getting late so i am thinking it might not.



There is a de clawed cat at CARES. Her name is Rosie and she is 4 years old.


Jenny Two bites because she doesn't have claws! How come he gets the nice de-clawed cats?!