Rescue Journal

pass stupid and go straight to jail...

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2008

the police officer asked me if i knew why she had pulled me over....trick question...i should know and i should say i know and apologise.

so...i tried to get as close to the right answer as i could..."ummm, i don't know, but i should know, and i am sorry."

apparently my car insurence ran out on may 24th (OMfreakingG!!! i have been driving without insurence for 2 whole weeks?)

she asked to see my drivers license and registration papers...i look over onto the seat next to purse.

i say "you should just take me straight to jail for being stupid"...she laughs, then i tell her, i have left my purse drivers license is in my purse. she asks "do you know where you left your purse?"..not really. she asks "didn't you get a renewal reminder from ICBC?"...i tell her i sometimes forget to open my mail. i ask her if she feels confident that i am in health care?
ok, i am figuring it out, i am pathetic. she is very nice to me. she lets me phone around to find my purse (it is on my desk at work), she writes me a ticket for not having insurence ($598) which is only fair. she lets me park my car and does not have it towed away. she totally ignores my missing license and very kindly drives me back to work so i can retrieve my purse.

i call my daughter, she picks me up from the office and takes me to pay my fine, renew my insurence and then back to my car. the morning is almost over and i have barely even started to see my clients yet. the nurses call and offer to pick up some of my workload but i am ok and can still get thru it all. i even had time to run home quick in the afternoon to check on everyone here.

cathy j was out in the barn feeding tunie carrots. i stopped to chat and ended up crying when telling her about clyde's last day. we went into the house and to meet alfred princeton and his jaw was wide open and his tongue was hanging out. CRAP! he must have yawned too wide and dislocated it again so i flew to the phone to call the vet. cathy calls out, "is that gauze in his mouth?"...i go back and look and he has his dressing looped thru a bottom tooth pulling his jaw right down...oh. we flip off the gauze (white cat, white gauze) and he puts his tongue back in and closes his mouth...whew.

when i get back to work, (just in time for wound care rounds) i see on my desk a box of timbits, an ice cap, a tim hortons gift card and a cheer up card that my team mates have signed.

i don't think you can help it if god makes you stupid but you can be grateful for the good people he surrounded you with.

it wasn't too bad a could have been worse...i could have been in an accident without insurence.



maybe we could have another bake sale and raise some cash for your ticket carol. that sucks but you are right, at least you were not in an accident.we will all try to keep an eye on your expiry date for next year. i hope mugsy is feeling better. when i was there on saturday i noticed that he just lay on the bed in the dog room and looked very listless..looking forward to sat still have to give you the money for the pooper scoopers.and sponsor raymond.. will take care of it all on saturday. lynne