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Quinn Update

Sheila  ·  Jun. 9, 2008

Edited by Nicole to add Sheila's photos:


Quinn flowers

Quinn checking to see if the grass is growing




quinn running


Three weeks later Quinn is no longer comatose and thankfully no longer peeing everytime we touch him. The peeing only lasted a few days. What I want to know is how come a 6 to 7 month dog who lived in a pen outside knows never to have an accident inside. How come Butch, Lexie, Thomas, Boomer and Serena couldn't be so accomadating (and they were all older than him). Quinn looks normal enough until you walk towards him and then he does this dance of trying to move away and trying to be subtle at the same time. He has learned much in his 3 weeks with us. He will know go through a door without you having to back away and leave the door wide, wide open. However he still ducks and runs through fast like he is running through a hoop of fire. A few days ago Leila put a long line on him and walked him outside on the street for 10 minutes. He did fine until he came back and ran outside to the back yard and had diarhea and then threw up. Today we took Iggy and Patrick for a morning walk and hooked Quinn up to a very, very long line. We opened the door stood way, way back and he finally came out. He did much better following the dogs but we only made him go down 1/2 a block go into a green belt sniff and then he got to come back. When he got into the yard and just as I opened the front door for him to enter he got confused by the concept of the door opening wide for him to enter and went flat on the ground so Leila, Iggy, Patrick, and I all trooped inside and encouraged him mightly to come in. A few biscuits did the trick. Quinn as much to learn still. Iggy will be leaving for his new home next week and we will then have more time for introducing Quinn to a wide, wide, wide wide, world. Wish us luck



Im so happy for Quinn, he has another chance for a great life.I look forward to seeing him grow..Thanks again Carol,Sheila and Leila.


what a stunning looking dog and is he ever lucky he is with you guys. if anyone canhelp him you can. lynne


OMG ... I love him.... he would look great with Roxie... No Mo !! No Mo !!

Great work you guys


quinn looks great...and he has the "happy face"
thx guys for stepping up for him.

Eva Stock

You guys are awesome and thanks for your wonderful patience and inginuity Sheila and Leila. Cally is lucky she had you too. Eva


awww. quinn looks like he's doing very well, and improving weekly, even daily. he'll do SO well, especially with your care, he will!


He is such a beautiful dog. He deserves all of the love and care you are giving him.


Aw Sheila those are great pictures, and it is so good to hear about Quinn's progress. Your work with undersocialized, scared, confused and/or handicapped dogs is simply amazing.


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