Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Jun. 10, 2008

Work party this Saturday - Key word being party. ha, maybe just on me and Maureen's part (i am so lame).
I'm in negotiations right now on changing the weather for saturday, but please be prepared for rain as I'm not a very good negotiator.
Anyways, come rain or shine we will be out. If you are the type that melts in the rain, don't worry there will be plenty of work that can be done indoors.
We will be providing good food and drinks so just bring yourselves out (and maybe some raingear) for a fun day helping out at SAINTS.

Also there is a garage sale in Aldergrove for SAINTS on Saturday June 21st - 830am to 1pm
26110 64th Ave Aldergrove
lots of variety and good quality items.
all proceeds go to saints!
we could use more items for the sale and can pick up from saints if you leave them in the multi purpose room. if you would like to help at the sale i could use a few more hands, please phone kathy at 604-312-1960 before any drop offs or for more information.
if you can drop off your items directly to the above address that would be very much appreciated.



have a very safe trip diane and watch out for the lower mainland drivers!


Hi: I am travelling to White Rock on Monday & Tuesday to visit my aging aunt & uncle for a few days. I am so excited that the garage sale will be on when I am in that vacinity. I will have to check on Mapquest again to see how far aldergrove actually is from White Rock but I think it's fairly close. I will have to see what kind of things I can bring along for the garage sale and I will be able to spend some time there helping out. Nothing definite but I am going to give it my best shot to get there. I get scared driving in strange cities (I'm from Saskatchewan) but I think I can do it! :)

Hope your PARTY is great and your garage sale is a HUGE SUCCESS!


Sigh I tried to change shifts so I could come and help but it didn't work out. No Rootbeer floats for me I'm afraid. Carol how are things going with Pugsy's potential new home, have they come to visit yet?

Eva Stock

I am afraid I can't be there as I have an appt. in Abbotsford in early am. and will drop in on my way back to do Simon, Colton and Frodo. Nicole I need pics of Pleeze, Olivia and Endeara in color for their charts as they are all deceased and I would like to complete them, thanks Eva.


Rootbeer Float.....mmmmmmmmm!! I'm all over that. I haven't had one of those forever and there's something wrong with that! Yes, Carol and Moe I'm sure we could make a Bailey's float too!! lol


lynne you can bring anything you'd like and I'll bring out a form for you.

negotiations are going well - so far no rain in vancouver, but am still working on mission being rain-free that day.

FYI - i foresee it being a rootbeer float day.


hi nicole i would like to bring some sort of food for the party on sat let me know what you would like. also i need a sponsorship form for raymond. could i get it on saturdaythanks.


catherine, i sent you an email with my phone number which i then realized I didn't really need to do as it's all over the website


Hi Nicole, I would like to come and help out on Saturday but I have no transportation. I'm in downtown Vancouver. Is there anyone coming from Vancouver that I could catch a ride with?