Rescue Journal

Letter from Bella (aka Pugsy)

Nicole  ·  Jun. 12, 2008

Dear Carol and Friends at SAINTS,
Just a note to let you know that we arrived safely at my new forever home. What a trip that was!!! I started off in the passenger seat if you can imagine, but I soon let mum know that I should be the one driving. After several unsuccessful attempts at gaining control of the steering wheel, I was banished to the back seat. And though it was roomy and comfortable, I was not about to be thwarted. So I made a running leap over the pillows which were supposed to be a barrier, and for one glorious moment I had both my hands on the steering wheel, all the while pushing mum out the drivers seat with my back legs. Mum was laughing so hard, I could hardly understand her, but I THINK she was trying to tell me I was too young to drive. These skirmishes continued all the way to Osoyoos, which for those of you who are not as well traveled as I, is about an hour and a half from my new home. I got kind of tired, and laid down for a nap to regenerate, so to speak, but by the time I was ready to take control again, we were home. After I let the 5 brothers and 1 sister know who was boss, everyone settled in quite well. I should add that they were all jealous of my beautiful new collar. Then, I was served supper, and got to rest on the couch so that I would be ready for the next encounter "BEDTIME" Mum and Dad made me a bed that is the same height as their bed, and has three sides, and starts right at mum's head ......... but of course it is not actually ON the bed. So as soon as we got that straight, and mum finally understood that this was a requirement of settling in for the night, we all got off to sleep. She seems nice, and tells me she loves me a lot, but I don't believe that she is too bright. Really an easy target. They get up early here, 4:30 - and then it is non-stop action till breakfast. The yard here is huge, and I have gone to the very limits in every direction, refusing to come in until it got quite hot. So now I am resting in the living room, waiting for whatever else will go on till finally supper is served. We are going to have a photo shoot here, and send you all the pics as soon as I settle down a bit. so ahouldn't be too long. I have a doctors appt. for the 27th to see if anything can be done about my eyes, so I have a busy schedule. I want to thank all of you for all the care and concern, you gave me while I was at SAINTS.It was a very special time of my life, and I will never forget any of you. What would have become of me if not for all of you??? Now I have a forever home, and a mum and dad who love me, sibling pugs, and even though 2 of them are in some sort of wheelchair, I think they are kind of cool. Did I mention, that when I arrived home with mum, that dad was nearly crying when he saw me? Go figure! I think (not sure, could have been laughing)he might have also been crying last night when I refused to sleep where I they had planned. He seems real nice so he'll get used to me. Hope you can read this, might be mistakes because of lack of sleep, but wanted you to know how I was doing.
Love and thanks again to all, Bella (it means beautiful, and i think I am)


Francesca Wilson

Having been lucky enough to meet Joan, Pugsy's new mum on Wednesday, Pugsy's letter makes it all perfect. Such good things come out of Saints for these animals, thanks to Carole.


Bella, what a perfect name for a BEAUTIFUL dog! Thanks so much for the letter. Speaking of crying your letter had me crying...with tears of joy for our Pugsy. You always wonder what follows for our special friends once they leave SAINTS. Pugsy is so fortunate first to have found Carol and now to have been blessed with a wonderful FOREVER HOME. All the best to you and your PUG family.


Oh how wonderful. A lovely letter from home. I can't wait until the next one. Way to go Bella!!!!!!


wow how nice is that. what an awsome letter from pugsy. li am so happy that she is happy and obviously very much loved. way to go lynne