Rescue Journal

wishing for one day without any rain

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2008

only one tour today, and i was late for it cuz i had booked jewel in for a vet check. trina and renee got the tour started (apparently i am NOT to book tours before 2 pm when all the areas are clean) hah, really nice ladies and they enjoyed the tour and the animals even if the work wasn't all done yet.

jewel has a plan now for weaning her off the prednisone with more pain control on board til we make the switch to melixacam. she is still getting her elavil and robaxacen and we are trying tramadol but can add a patch if she needs it. the vet has no idea why her tongue turned color, esp. because she obviously feels really well. she was an utter determined toad today, she went everywhere with me, carrying her ball. she was not going to be left behind.

i think i got most of everything for the work party...i have all the necessary materials and supplies. i just have to run out in the morning for food for us to eat and then we should be good to go. tammy went with me for the late afternoon run, she likes going with me when i do errands because we always have some kind of adventure. today we tried unsuccessfully to rescue a stray rooster in the bush on lougheed highway...roosters are hard to catch. anyway i left him some food, he looks a bit tattered and worn and seemed content to eat out of reach. i will go back again early tomorrow evening and see if i can't get him more used to me.

i really and truly and honest to god, do NOT want another freaking rooster but i can't leave him out there on his own either so at least i will make a decent effort to get him. i left a message for the maple ridge spca, who knows maybe they are better at rooster catching than me. they caught hank (now adopted)) and sent him here so maybe they can catch this one too.

laura mowed the lawns tonight and lana and i cleaned out edwina's pool. she now has crystal clear water for a bit but i bet it looks gross again real quick.

iam trying to decide if i should pull an all nighter to get the cleaning done or if i should get up at 5 am and do it then...i don't want to waste tomorrow's work force with cleaning....oh, decisions, is a toss up, i will see how i feel closer to midnight which is when i would need to start cleaning again.

please don't rain tomorrow!



hah..i lied...i was bagged and in bed by 11pm and did not crawl out again til 6...just finishing my tea and then i will start kicking butt around here. it all sounded so good last night before i crapped out!


Carol it's just past midnight....I hope this finds you on your way to your pillow to get some rest and not on your way to the mop to clean floors. lol