Rescue Journal

i have no idea why some of this is in bold

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2008

it was a good day...i am sore and tired which is odd because i spent more time wandering around and answering questions than anything else. i was pretty proud of myself tho for having the entire house done top to bottom in less than 2 hours solo before the troops arrival at 9 am.

there was such a great group of kind and generous people here today, it was just one of those days that fills you with gratitude....and the sun was shining too!

i have a bunch of emails to deal with...10, 12, 15 yr old cats and one 12 yr old dog...all currently in someone's home with the reasons for surrendering ranging from moving to travelling, to abandonment by the original owners, and we just do not have any room for anything not facing the big bad needle right now.

i think i will just get the barn guys to bed, i will deal with the emails and check the phone messages tomorrow.

have a prayer tonight for our fosters in crises right now...daisy-fae with her unknown origin of infection and true who has just blown both of her crutiates and is not a surgical candidate due to her age and other significant health issues.



it was agreat day and lots got accomplished. the animals all had fun, great food and great company. i would not have missed it for anything. still lots to do, maybe have another work day? i especially enjoyed at the end of the day sitting outside with carol,laura, lana and of course jesse. it was a good ending to a good day.