Rescue Journal

the bucket list

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2008

my kind of movie...i just finished watching it. maude, lexi, and jewel covered the small den floor while myself, tyra, squirt, hook and cuddles shared the couch. eddie was sleeping inside alfie's cage, all curled up on his bed, alfie was curled up high on the cat post and washington had taken over squirts crate....10 animals and one human in a tiny 9x10 room...and then i came out into the darkened cat room and sat down in front of the computer. i was looking at tally-ho's picture on my screen when i felt her tiny paws on my knee. i lifted her up and i kissed her face as her little legs reached up high to my face.

if i made a kick the bucket list before i was to die i would have wanted the past 24 hours at the top of the would have been my something magnificant, my something about sharing joy, my something to make the world better...sharing these hours with all of those guys.

i am not a climb every mountain and carry broken animals around on my back til i heal them kind of rescuer. i don't brave frostbite or jump out of planes or do anything spectacular like the super heroes. i just like to watch tv with them and kiss a sissy who feels beautiful once in awhile, i like to laugh at a funny shrieking legless dog who thinks she owns the entire world, including me. i even like watching molly poop her crooked mile because it amazes me each time that she does it....why does she not just stay still?
i really liked that movie but i like even better that i think i have already done all the things that i would have wanted to do on my list...ellie and tunie had apples and strawberries, boots has a bed in the kitchen and likes to run free in the fields, jesse ate sushi and cole didn't want to and tiger lily did get a donut hole.

the outside of the mp room is finally purple, the front fence is no longer streaked with green mold, the weeds are out of the driveway tonight and the memorial garden for all our lost ones will be a reality in exactly 7 days from today.

my bucket list is life is rescue and the simple things...nothing super amazing or complicated...just carl laying flat out enjoying the sun in ellie's giant hole or jeanette grooming percy's neck or spritely running with her tail held high even tho she is not supposed to be running at all.

the sun gleaming copper on that magnificent mare in full there is a magnificent sight to see.

thank you to everyone who's helping hand has led up to today.

it is a good movie to watch on a quiet and peaceful evening.