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i hate dogs

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2008

i spent all day running around getting everything ordered and picked up for the big Synergy memorial garden building day on saturday. i paid for and arranged for the delivery of all of the materials for fencing, gravel, top soil etc, i have all the plants to be planted, the benches, the bird bath and trellis's...and i spent a bit more than their $3100 donation (250 feet of cedar planks are expensive!)... but oh well, it is going to be gorgeous and i just sold the current big donated used tractor which none of us can drive and have a bit left over from the purchase of the smaller one we can actually, we had some extra left over from that to make up the difference.
and while i was out and running about, spending a ton of money.... the freaking dogs trashed the place...they have knocked over tippy crappy plastic linen shelves and food containers and water jugs and just made a general disgusting mess. and this quite frankly sucks cuz i was hoping to get to a few extra things tonight in preparation for the high school tour tomorrow. not likely, buggers.

plus since i have ignored them for most of today, they are not very happy. could one more stupid dog collectively bark for absolutely no reason what so ever except to make a bunch of noise? phoebe's good days are over, today, she is being a cow. she was snarling at everyone who walked by the couch so i sent her out to the kitchen. that made her more pissed than she was before so she literally walked straight into the kitchen and directly over to nail squirt... for no reason except she is in a foul mood...hag.

i have to go and put the barn guys to bed...i have to assemble a new and non crappy plastic linen shelf, i have to refold and stack all the stuff they spread other words...i have to get this bloody mess cleaned up and i have decided i hate freaking dogs.

"to know them is to loath them" quoted from a LONG time rescuer (who shall remain nameless) and i do think this occasionally too but rarely actually say it out loud but i am freaking well saying it tonight!

PLEASEEEE don't let it rain on saturday, it will totally suck to build a memorial garden in the rain.



ahhhh...i KNEW i had asked someone to help me with the tour, i just couldn't remember who. you don't need to come all the way out, i can handle is a small group and there will be three teachers with them....the new shelving unit is tippy is black and ugly but it works pretty good so we can avoid screwing it to the wall.

i was telling the truth at that particular moment this current moment in time i don't hate them so much (they are all sleeping) but this is subject to change without notice should anyone wake up anytime soon and start with that freaking barking again.

eva...i already have the shelf i got it after i dropped you off and besides tomorrows morning plans are already changing because i forgot about that tour at lunchtime..skip breaky move to a late lunch.

Eva Stock


Do not worry tomorrow we will go and get a shelf to put in there that they will not be able to tear down and then we will put it up when we return from breakfast and taking your car to the mech. We will also get a small shelf to replace the other one and set it up. And I as the elder will give them all a lecture which they will totally ignore and we will go to the mp room and ignore all of them. oops we have one there too. And ten cats. That is why I wonder why more people don't adore rabbits, they are silent!!!
for heavens sake!! Goodnight you all. Nice to see you today Kathy Kelm. Eva


can you either call me tonight or in the morning and let me know if you still need me to come out to help with that tour.
we should also screw the new noncrappy linen shelf to the wall to keep them from wrecking anything else.


Carol, stop telling lies. You do not hate dogs!
It is not going to rain on Saturday..I need to believe that the universe will be kind enough to give us heaps of sun again.
Correction I DO believe!