Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2008

tugs is sleeping, oka is quite an amazing of the most rock solid i have ever met...he has already played with every ball he could find and crawled up on my lap for a rotti-style squish. he is spending the night on the couch in the middle dog room with jed, darla and copper and it is like they have always been together. wow, a just plain nice and non-nutty dog...what an absolute treat that is.

boots has learned to open and raid the fridge...he had a banquet while i had a bath. he looked a bit worried when i came into the kitchen, but what the hell...after 15 yrs bored in a pen he is more than welcome to have some fun...i'll just have to watch what i put in there.

first thing in the morning i have to go to the farm vets and over to the companion animal clinic...jeanette needs more meds and so does jed and i have to get them before i forget cuz they don't have all of their meds for tomorrow. i was going to go do this afternoon but between getting my van back from the shop, oka and tugs arrival and the delivery of the tractor, i just ran out of time today. jewel is not as comfortable as she was on the steriods...and i better talk to the vet about that too.

and squirt and tugs both need a grooming and both of them are utter freak outs...sunday is the day i am going to spend thinking about them and how to kindly and safely get this done.

both ellie and jeanette are having discomfort when walking on the gravel paths around the barn....i am thinking of laying a narrow strip of mulch for them and see if it makes life a bit easier on their tender feet.



Boots is a beautiful old fella. I can just picture him raiding the fridge with a sense of wonder on his face.

Angela from NY

ok, duh, got the story below this one on Oka :), I've got a lot of reading to do!

Angela from NY

cool, I haven't been able to follow the blog for a while and both my questions were answered...1) honey is doing well, glad to hear it and 2) there is a new rotti :) BTW Quinn is a beauty and I love Carley - so cute, can't wait to see pics of Oka. I'm still perusing for his/her story...


i'm so happy we have another old rotti
by the way honey's bloodwork came back better than the last (woohoo, i think)