Rescue Journal

Carol's Whereabouts...

Chris  ·  Jun. 19, 2008

I just got off the phone with Carol. Jeanette went down in the lower field and her legs were stuck in the mud. The Silverdale Volunteer Fire Department came out and helped Carol, Laura and Lana (I am not sure who else was there) carry Jeanette up the hill. She is now propped up with hay but is still down. Carol and Cuddles are going to spend the night outside with Jeanette and Mo is also on her way. Carol is going to get the farm vets out in the morning to help get Jeanette up. So, if anyone needs Carol she is out with Jeanette. Send warm thoughts Carol's way. I fear it will be a long night.


Chris T

I just talked to Carol and Jeanette is still down. The farm vets have been and given her steroids and pain meds.


Poor jeanette and poor Carol. I hope all is well this morning. Please keep us posted if you hear anything more.


I saw the firetruck race past my place last evening, siren wailing, and feared it was going to Saints. Looked over to check there wasn't any smoke rising from the property.

I hope Jeanette had a restful night. My thoughts are with them.