Rescue Journal

jeanette update

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2008

she had a shitty night...did not sleep at all. mo, lana, and laura were all gone by 2 am. cuddles and i did stay out in the field, cuddles quite liked not so much ....i am in the house waiting for the vet to call and to check on the inside guys. we had jeanette well situated on shavings and hay but she spent the night pulling herself by her front legs (her back ones are useless) across the gravel over and over and is now stuck up against the gate. her skin is going to be trashed on that down side if we can even get her up again. i am really afraid that she stroked with all of the stress of being stuck in the mud, then hauled around on tarps and then exhausting herself in circles trying to get up..

the vet just called...she says one of them will be out as soon as they can.

percy has been having a freaking fit since this all began, nothing better happen to her, he won't be able to handle it, he loves jeanette.

ok..cuddles and i are going back there..i have my cell if anyone needs me but it didn't get recharged last night.



I'm sending lots of positive healing thoughts Jeanette's way. Sounds like it's going to be a difficult day.