Rescue Journal

the memorial garden

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2008

i don't even know how to describe to you the beauty of today. the spectra energy folks (ok so i got the name wrong and it wasn't synergy and they gave me a hat with the logo so i don't mess it up again) anyway...they literally worked like dogs (ok, so none of my dogs have ever done a second of work as far as i know but that saying must have come from somewhere so there must be some really hard working dogs in the world.) they moved 12 yards of top soil and spread it around, they built our new walkway and the box to hold all the saints name stones, they laid almost 3 pallets of sod and planted all of the plants, they moved the windchime trees and all of the windchimes looks so beautiful and peaceful there, all we have left to do is nail on the fencing boards.

but what they did best, which made me start to sob like a every single man, woman and child pitched in and helped us to move jeanette up to the riding ring. we borrowed the canvass tarp again from firehall number 3...we rolled her onto it and we pulled her all across the upper field until she was back safe and sound on the much softer and more comfortable and easier to get up from, riding ring.

if we had lost her down by that bottom gate, with her uncomfortable and unhappy and lonely...i never would have forgiven myself. but if we lose her from the place where she is happiest, has the most comfort, and feels the most safe....i can live with that if i have to.

thank you spectra energy for the garden but mostly for helping jeanette back to not only a place where there is still hope for her to maybe rise from again, but from where if all hope fails, it will fail in comfort and peace.

i will never forget this one great act of kindness for one of our most beloved saints.



The Garden is going to be the most beautiful & peaceful place in all of Mission. I'm checking into Hammocks & can visualize me hanging out with Cole, Nola & a few others & just contemplating life & all the souls that have come & gone from SAINTS. It will be a happy place . Thank you Spectra people, you guys are amazing & just wait till next year.... Hmmmmmm


Moving Jeanette was also the best part of Saturday for the Spectra Energy employees too! We are sending her positive thoughts to get her strength back so that she will get up!
Thank you again for doing everything you and volunteers do for the "broken" animals and letting us be part of it!


Such a meaningful gift from a group of such admirable people. Spectra Energy proves that businesses can be successful and have heart, lots of heart.
Please get up, Jeanette. There are so many people pulling for you.....


Oh Carol that made me cry, what a gift. I am very glad that Jeanette is back where she feels the safest. I look forward to seeing pictures of the Memorial Garden