Rescue Journal

hope is still floating around here

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2008

i fell asleep last night early and woke up at 5:30 am...jeanette turned herself during the night and is resting on the opposite hip (good girl!)...she has had a drink and some hay and she looks much more rested and content this morning...not a tear in sight and she is placcidly chewing her cud. percy is laying a few feet away, alongside with pete and edith is right next to her lounging on the hay is a nice and peaceful family scene.

i am waiting for the feed store to open cuz we need more hen scratch plus i need to find a patio umbrella and stand to set up over jeanette in case it starts to rain. cuddles is still sleeping in my bed...apparently even 15 yr old poodles need to recoup from times of high activity and stress.

oh i wonder what today will bring (besides more work)....hopefully some peaceful respite and maybe an ancient cow, full of grace, standing up on her feet?



Once upon a time I lived on a polled hereford farm in Miracle Valley and the same type of thing would happen once in a while. If she's eating / drinking / shifting sides that is GREAT news all around!

All paws here crossed for your girl to get up soon!