Rescue Journal

jeanette, and rusty, and oka

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2008

a place like saints brings out the best in some people and the worst in others. some come here and give it their all and they continue to give and to give. and sadly the opposite is sometimes true too...saints looks like easy street, a way to get what you want in life, money, security, self worth, self satisfaction and it is saints responsibility to fork it over...if we give and give and give to the animals, it must be our job to do that for humans too. of course no one expects us to give to everyone, cuz everyone else is just trying to take advantage. but it is ok to give to them personally because unlike everyone else they deserve it you see.

and then there is the animals who are supposed to be the beneficeries of everything that we do...but they can make great excuses, or weapons or trophies or whatever is needed at any given time, it is so easy to take what they have away from them, you just have to push and grab.
jeanette is up and walking..i am not sure for how long but she has been wobbling and toddering for close to an hour. trina, her husband and daughter, and dairy farmer friend and family came, the neighbors brought over the tractor. we got her up, it went really well and we held her up while she learned to walk again. and none of these people came here looking for anything at all except to help jeanette get back on her feet.

tonight jeanette was the recipient of what we all gave and she only took what she needed to stand. and now she is wobbling and toddering around and has taken over, she doesn't expect us to hold her up and carry her around anymore. she never blamed us for one tiny second because she decided to saunter into the mud.
cows have tons of courage, integrity, guts and honor...way to go jeanette, when i grow up, i want to be just like you.

rusty and oka went to the vet today..rusty for pre-op bloodwork before neutering and having his very last tooth pulled....he has a bit of a heart murmur but if his bloodwork is ok he is good to go for next week.

oka just went in for a nail trim...they were way too long for me to even attempt cuz his nails are black. everyone at the clinic was universally in agreement...oka is a fabulous rock solid dog in every way...yay oka!!!!

and that is what saints is all to the animals in need so they can get on with their lives with dignity and respect and independence. thank god animals are not life long them up and then let them get on with living their is their life and they want to live it, they don't expect me to live it for them.

i love animals...they have all the right answers.



OMG YAHOO for Jeanette! Thank goodness for special people in her world! Paws crossed that she stays up and continues to improve :)


I am very happy about Jeanette and the great support she has had around her.
very happy!


Yay Jeannette! I've never thought so much about a cow as I have the past few days...MOOOOOOO!