Rescue Journal

so i just checked jeanette again...

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2008

she is laying down, that was alot of activity for her tonight, she must be very tired, she was up for well over a couple of hours. she may not be able to get up again tomorrow...her hind quarters is very weak from being down for 5 full days, plus she has been full of arthritis for a very long time as well. but that is ok...we now know she can do it, we now know that she wants to do it...she is not ready yet to throw in the towel.....she just may need help while she gets her strength back again. and trina's friend said he would come back and help her again and i bet trina's family and the neighbors will too.

thank you god...that ancient cow is an amazing creature, i am so glad that you sent her to saints.

and thank you to everyone everywhere who has physically or emotionally or spiritually been there for cool is that to be such a greatly loved cow?!



I have been talking to her picture in a soft voice.
"Come on, Jeanette" and "You are such a beautiful cow!"


I want to thank you for everything you do for Jeanette. She was my 4-H calf in 1991 and I am so happy she has such wonderful people looking out for her. I'm sure that if she was still living at Mom's, she wouldn't have made it through this last ordeal because she just doesn't have all of the wonderful people to help her like you do. Thanks again and give Jeanette a big hug/neck scratch and a kiss for me!