Animal Updates

mugsy has passed away

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2008

i believe he had an abdominal tumour that ruptured tonight...he was lethargic and his mucous membranes were white, he was obviously bleeding internally...deb and angelina came and helped me get him to the vet. mugsy was a tough old farm dog and he did not like human collars and leashes and mini vans and it terrified him to go anywhere. but he managed really well, he was so very brave and he died quietly and stoically.... full of his own kind of unique dignity..he was a very great dog.

i will miss your utterly beautiful face, good dog mugsy, very good dog.




Good by sweet Mugsy. Rest in Peace. He has such a beautiful face, it tells a million stories.

Susan from Chicago

Enjoy the bridge Mugsy, say hello to Clyde for us.
Take care Carol.


it hit me today when I went to give him his meds and he wasnt there
you were an amazing dog mugsy
we will take care of kleo dont you worry
love you


That dog had great character - you could see it in his face. What a dude.


oh this is very sad.
pain free now, he was well loved.
good work and i am sorry.


Eva Stock

Wow that must be why his tolerance for other dogs had decreased just recently. He was probably uncomfortable alot of the time. I will miss him too. I learned to really like him. I hope Cleo is alright. She will surely miss him!! So glad that Deb and Angelina were there too. Be happy and rest well dear Mugsy. Eva
See you in the am Carol.


Mugsy was brave, he was strong and he felt no fear or pain as Carol cradled his big, beautiful head and murmured soft and comforting words into his ear.
Mugsy's spirit left him surrounded by love. Goodbye good dog.


carol i am so sorry. i will miss mugsy very much. i wish i could have seen him again. he had such a different uniquely prescence about him, not to mention his very cute face he really was one of a kind. li am glad he was there with you at the end.