Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2008

the vet came out today on my lunch break to check on jeanette...all of our farm vets have seen her over the past couple of weeks. this morning they all sat down and talked about her...they said we are doing a great job of looking after her while she is down...she can walk a bit when we lift her up, she is well hydrated, she is on good pain control, her body temperature is good, even in this horrible heat, she is eating and drinking well...she is bright and alert and has not become unduly depressed...and they think she is not going to be able to get up again. they think she is just too old and weak in the back end and if she hasn't been able to do it by now, she probably won't ever be able to do it again.

so i am not going to get all emotional about this now...neither she nor i can afford grieving her loss yet. there is a practical side to losing jeanette with as much kindness and dignity as possible. the vets said they can come anytime, however carson's cannot pick up her body til thursday morning at 10.. that means that between now and 9 am thursday morning when the vets arrive, jeanette has to be absolutely comfortable, she has to feel completely and totally safe, she has to feel perfectly well cared for and treasured beyond anything. she needs to feel how much we love her without feeling frightened because our emotions are out of i have been giving this some thought because i am working until wednsday evening.

the plan is to up our current staffing...angelina will come and stay with her and care for her until i get home from work. we will spray her with marigold spray to keep the flies off of her, we will protect her shelter from percy's dismantling so she doesn't end up underneath a tarp because he is a busy body fool. we will scoop the poop away from her as soon as she thinks to poop, we will offer her water and hay and treats frequently so she doesn't even have to wait, we will make sure as soon as she looks too warm that we wash her down with cold fresh water...we will do everything we can possibly do so she never worries about anything. i will check on her all thru the nights and if she is even the least bit distressed, i will brave percy's stupidity if jeanette needs some human company.

it is so very little we can do for her to make these next couple of days as easy for her as we can...but the one thing i know about jeanette, she will appreciate even that little bit cuz she is one of those incredible creatures who overflows with amazing grace.

if anyone wants to spend some quality time with her (with your emotions under control please) she would enjoy some cheerful company to share her last days.

she is a very great cow.



We appreciate that you were able to take the time to show us what you do at SAINTS last Friday, even though you were in the midst of a shelter crisis for Jeanette.
We're thinking of you and Jeanette and all the others during this difficult week.
Susan, Brian, Kirsten


to free up some of yr time I will come on tue, wed, Thur for the laundry, working fri to Monday. sorry for our loss will miss her. Elaine

Vi Morse

Hi Carol,
You have done so much for that old lady. She knows you love her and she loves you. I can't imagine what would of happen to her if you had not taken her in. Please give her a hug from me too. Pam, Stephanie and I will be out around 11:00 a.m. Thursday. We will not interfer with what you are doing or feeling. We will concentrate on the horses and brush them. Sounds like it is Jeanette's time and if there is a cow heaven, that is where she will be all healthy and eating green grass again. Bless you Carol. Vi


of course you can sam...she likes alfalfa hay (you can buy little bags in the pet stores for bunnies and old cows)...she likes fresh apples cut up in tiny small bits and apparently she really likes molassass mixed in cool water (there is a small carton of it on the shelf inside the barn)


If I can swing it, may I come visit tomorrow sometime? I might be going out that way.Jeanette is amazing beyond words. Is there a favourite treat, or something I could bring?


She is a lucky cow to be so loved, what a wonderful way to end her journey, surrounded by those who love her most. Please give her a hug from me as well.


I know that Angelina will make certain that Jeanette remains in a state of grace until the time comes that her beautiful spirit leaves a body that can no longer sustain her. Angelina, like Carol, believes in the dignity of a good death.
All that can be done and could be done to ensure Jeanette knew she was loved and respected has been done. This final act of compassion is a logical step to end the journey of an exceptional human/bovine bond that began when Jeanette arrived at SAINTS.


What a wonderful way for Jennette to spend her last days. She is a lucky, well loved cow. Give her a hug from me, I wish I could have met her.