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lucky cow

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2008

whenever i checked on jeanette last night, she was doing quite well...this morning she is still doing good. i think her life story is interesting, not because of the usual animal life of trauma but because of it's lack.

jeanette led a blessed life from the time of a small calf...she was a 4H calf lucky enough to land with a family who cared about her happiness for her entire life. she lived with a young girl until the girl grew up and moved away and then she was cared for on the same farm by the girls parents.

jeanette only came to us not because she was she getting too old, but her human mom was aging too. and jeanette was the last of the old cows there, mom just couldn't manage the farm and her care sucks for both humans and cows that time just doesn't stand still. jeanette had been given the gift of loyalty which is so rare with human and cow relationships...... and mom steadfastedly refused to move anywhere, until jeanette had peacefully passed away from the home in which she was always loved.

i love the partnership of struggle of both human and animal against the very same foe...the losses we suffer as we grow old.
enter percy the calf, in desperate need of a cow-mom and he found jeanette who appreciated renewed purpose in life and the company of a young babe. it became a match made in heaven, those two adore each other. jeanette's mom was able to safely pass the responsibility of care to us, and both jeanette and percy...the ancient and the enfant made a life-long friend in the twilight of her days.
i think jeanette is an incredible being because from her infancy throughout her journey to ancient, old age...she never wanted for recognition of her intrinsic worth. she lived with human beings who not only cared deeply for her but whose committment to her lifelong wellbeing and happiness was never broken or bent by betrayal or selfish use. jeanette has utter and complete trust in humans, she has never had to live in fear and i think that makes her more than special...i think that makes her who she so wonderously is today.

i don't know how many cows are of such value, i don't know how many got the same gift...i know there are others out there because the farmers here, tell me of the ones that they had and loved. and i know that even those same farmers do not give that gift often, but once in awhile they do. others like jeanette have a life that was theirs and not someone else's, they found and felt the best of human care and lived a simple but safe, happy life...just like jeanette was able to do.

jeanette not only taught percy about being a cow...she taught those of us that know and love her about being a cow too.

maybe we are the lucky ones.



what wondrous love. and, at the same time, damn.

thinking of you and all the SAINTS.


Thank you for sharing Jeanette's story, Carol. I knew that she was a beloved former 4-H calf and then her tale seemed to morph to old age, and an elderly woman who simply would not abandon her friend. Of course I know about her adoption of Percy (and as an adopted person, Jeanette's ability to love a "child" she did not give birth to only makes her that much more special to me). I assumed all sorts of awfulness between beginning and end. I'm so happy that Jeanette has always been loved, is loved now, and will be remembered with love.
I feel bad for the humans that will miss Jeanette, but my greatest sorrow will be for Jeanette's boy, Percy.

What a magical place SAINTS is.

Barbara DeMott

I believe that all animals given love and trust will reflect it back to both humans and other animals.
Did I ever tell you the story of my "lucky chicken"? A chicken I put in intensive care at the vet because she was almost bitten in half by a dog. We nursed her back to health, she survived with a very interesting zig zag scar and was probably the only chicken out there that was on the family table getting her stitches out rather than being eaten!! She knew everything, followed me like a dog and was the acknowledged leader of the other hens because of what she knew.