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thank god for mo

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2008

sorry nicole and zoe.

so i am pretty panicked about percy not having a cow i am thinking of going to the auction and getting someone on their way to slaughter...nice for that cow and nice for percy. and i really believe that when one passes on, you give that place to another in need. i tell nicole this tonight and she jumps at the chance to come with me and volunteers zoe to come too....and we can go on wednsday which is cow day.

but both of us realize that we know nothing about auctions...and i have been thinking carl needs a llama friend and have been waiting for one to need rescue. deb did send me a link for 2 llama boys that needed a place to go but i left our number as a last resort (because we are a last resort) and they didn't in the end need to resort to us....they got a home.

so since carl needs a friend, and we need to understand auctions...i am now thinking we should go to the auction on saturday when llamas are being auctioned off and practice bidding on maybe an old granny llama to be carl's new friend.

not only does nicole think this a great idea but she thinks mo will actually let us get away with this plan...and even i know that nicole and zoe and me at an auction is a REALLY BAD idea...cuz i know damn well we are not coming home with just one sad old llama and one really wrecked cow.
so again...i call mo and tentatively run my thoughts past her.
so one last doesn't yell at me, she doesn't say "ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE???!!"...she says one simple sentence and that gets me thinking clearly again....if you go looking to buy someone, what are you going to do when one needs to be rescued?

good question.
no trip to the auction to find percy and carl a friend.. they will both have to wait for their friend to find them....jeanette found us and someone else will too...besides, in all honesty, we are too weak and soft and have huge bleeding hearts and we cannot go anywhere near the auction unless first we buy a REALLY big farm.

does anyone want to donate a REALLY big farm?



P.S. What do we think of a SAINTS island? Just imagine it. An entire fleet!


This is the most epic post ever, props to everybody.

Yes, when you purchase an animal at a pet store/auction/etc, you are supporting the industry. The conflict arises from the fact that these animals still do need rescuing. Just because they have been sucked into the industry by humans doesn't mean they just be disregarded and set aside from those who haven't had the misfortune.
Of course there is a possibility that Percy will eventually be okay with being the sole cow, the question at hand is how long it's fair to make him wait.
I can say no if I need to!
I will SO bring the movie, I can't believe you haven't seen it yet Carol. Seven times for myself.
And...working on a bigger piece of land. I will find it. Some eyelash batting works WONDERS.


we have video donna...before, during and still is not 100% complete yet...the fencing will hopefully be finished next week and then we can move in the benches and bird bath and pretty stained glass hanging things.


Are there pics of the Memorial Garden on the up and coming new photo gallery?


Hey Nicole... did I read somewhere recenlty that new Photo Gallery pics are in the works.... Whoo Hooo my Fav !!!


Wow I really need to get back on line at home.

For a brief moment on the phone last night I thought carol was going to ask me to go to the Auction ... Uh that would be No. when she asked what I thought, I had to answer that we should not go looking, if we start down that road, we will be in rough shape fast. we already have too many grazing animals on the property & if we don't manage it well... all will suffer for it. because we managed it for the last year, is not a reason to fill a hole . I'm very confident that Percy will mellow out & I predict he will start up his love affair with Elli Mae again , Carl I believe is fine as is, he has his sheep & goats to watch over & hang with.

I'm also very confident that those needing our help will find us & we will be able to help them out .

However if we did have that REALLY big farm , I still won't go to the auction , but I'll shovel up after any that come our way : - )


<i>"i scare even myself sometimes cuz i do know exactly what i am capable of….and i will squeeze every inch of possible capability out of me that i possibly can."</i>

is the best.
i think i should get it tattooed on me.


Alfred Princton's page comes up not found and Rusty's page shows Andy at the top..
(Just a couple of items for note Nicole)


crap, i knew you would find stuff i forgot.
didn't get to the photo album as wesley started to whine so i went upstairs and we had popcorn and now i'm going to bed so maybe tomorrow.
as for saying no - there's 200-300 head of cattle, Mo has talked about the poor fields enough that i know we can't take in more than one cow. (or atleast i'll work on convincing myself of that). maybe zoe is good at saying no. actually scratch that, she wanted to 'rescue' a veal calf and was going to take it home in the cab of her pickup.
still, i think we can do it.


sorry..pugsy to adopted page, tugs off the foster page, patches needs his picture, and aurora needs a photo/bio too and are leila and sheila ready to move luke to the memory page yet?....BUT still, you got all of the others and that is so great...oka's page looks awesome...great, great dog looking for a very, very great home. thx nicole, i am not quite sure how good you will be at saying no at the auction (altho if you really truly want to do this, i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you can in fact say no and keep me somewhat in line), but you really do totally rock at presenting these guys well on the maybe if we slip and come home with one little extra...the web page will find that someone a home.
did you get to the new photo gallery...THAT will make mo feel good!

oh and rusty goes in for his surgery tomorrow so everyone please send positive healing thoughts for him tomorrow too, he is so freaking adorable.


carol it's a movie about a person new to the world of rescue. both funny and sad.
we should put a really big (free) farm on the wishlist!

also please everyone note that i have finally gotten photos and webpages up for everyone, some have bios, some only have photos, but finally after being out of date for quite sometime, everyone is where they should be (i think).

Chris T

If you go to the auction just keep chanting: "Pasture management, pasture management, pasture management..."


lol...we have 3 acres of land, not 5 deb.

because of a recent horse in need that i saw on brindle...i have been thinking these past few weeks about a certain farm animal rescue possible option called........
"boarding"....this is an interesting concept for me...if we don't have room, but someone needs to be rescued..could we in fact come up with the regular monthly donated financial base to care for and support these animals somewhere besides our property?
and does anyone actually provide boarding services to cows? or pigs, or chickens? or sheep?...or...
could someone please just give us a REALLY big farm?

(and nicole, i was born in the year of the dog and under the sign of taurus too....faithful fido, the eternal optimist, too stubborn and bull headed to quit and ever admit defeat...i am envisoning our beloved blind, deaf, leaky and determined rotti jazz...against all odds, she did always succeed)


you will not bring home all the cows. even I (weak pathetic me, who is the only person silly enough to cheer when we get new dogs) will be able to say no (I know you don't believe me but i have the ability to say no, really).
We can't take in more than one cow, the property can't handle it, and if you wanted to take all the animals at the auction home - what life would you/we be giving them. money would quickly be eaten up, the grass would be shot causing mo to then shoot us. not good for anyone.

have you not seen year of the dog. if you haven't yet, zoe will bring it out on the weekend cause she has it.


C'mon guys! I try to be the voice of reason (I wanna be Mo when I grow up) and take the ethical/moral high ground, and you tag team me with - ugh - reality.

It's a tough call, and I've been trying to educate myself about the realities of animal rights and rescue. Would I give some idiot $50 if he said he was going to kill the runt of the litter? Yup, in a heartbeat (although Chris would kill me if I came home with another animal, and nobody with $50 would be able to stop her). Is that the right thing to do? Therein lies the rub.

Just remember that there's probably not enough space on SAINTS' five acres for another barn when you go to the auction, Carol.

Chris T

I have another idea - post on Brindle in the pets wanted section!!! LOL


can you absolutely promise we only come home with one cow?...can you truly stop me from bringing home more? cuz if you can somehow do that..i will go and buy a cow out from under the slaughterhouse shadow....but we simply do not have the room here for me to go completely auction animal rescuing insane....and that place is dangerouse to people like us.

i scare even myself sometimes cuz i do know exactly what i am capable of....and i will squeeze every inch of possible capability out of me that i possibly can.

Chris T

What about a happy medium?? Give it some time to see if someone shows up for Carl and Percy (I am more concerned about Percy). If no cow needs rescuing and Percy's behaviour is becoming worse then go and get a cow. Just only bring enough money for one (that is 1) cow.


While yes that does support the business of selling living creatures - not buying them isn't going to be a way to stop the selling of farm/meat animals. And as long as people continue to eat meat animals are going to be sold.
Me being a vegetarian does more to stop that so I don't feel bad about going and giving money to someone else so a cow doesn't have to become someone else's dinner.
Will and Grace were bought off of a person selling them on the side of the road, i don't think that was bad either. Carol not stopping wasn't going to stop those people from breeding their cats, but it did let Carol know that those cats were going to get a great home and that they would be spayed and neutered.
I agree that a llama for carl will show up easily enough through the spca, but i can't see us finding a cow through them.


and you are ethically right deb...altho we already know i don't really care about that once i happen to actually see them (does a pair of $300 siamese cross kittens on the side of the road sound familiar?)...i am all for a trip to the auction and grabbing those animals away from a fate of the worst possible death and i don't care if someone makes money as long as some animals get a better life and death in the end.
i always say ethics are fluid...cuz once in awhile when given the opportunity...ethics be damned, buy the animals and get them safe, give them a few moments of real happiness.


ahhh nicole...yes an old cow from the auction would be a "rescue" and more so than jeanette was too...BUT...what if there are 10 old cows?...what is the meat guy is the only bidder on a bunch of innocent percy-like calves?...OMG what if there is a little ellie-mae or kissy face kissy on their way to someone's plate, what if a naked aurora is thrown into the reject pit?...we will be in very big trouble because i will in fact buy them all and you will let me and so will zoe too cuz ain't none of us strong enough to look in their eyes and walk away with just one or even two.

we need a REALLY big farm and then we can go there and rescue all of the ones heading off to slaughter...oh zoe? can you find us a REALLY big farm please? (she is good at finding us what we happen to need)


Nicole, not to go all PETA on you, but buying "livestock" at a "livestock auction" supports the business of selling living creatures. To my way of thinking, it is no different than buying a milled puppy at a pet store. People often think they are "rescuing" puppies if they get the out of the horror show that is Urban Puppy or Petland, but what they are really doing is putting money into the hands of puppy millers.

I think Jeanette was a rescue, in tandem with her human. I think Percy was absolutely a rescue. There were llamas at the Surrey SPCA, sadly, there will be again. Cattle are seized from appalling living conditions by the SPCA all the time, or at least far too often. Many have to be euthanized, but I'm sure some could be saved if there was a spot in a rescue. The thing is, where do you find an ancient cow rescue....

A llama buddy for Carl will show up, sadly, as will a cow to mother Percy. SAINTS doesn't have to support livestock auctions, where brutality and fear await the poor creatures being sold.

Again, my opinion. Not meant to offend.


Yes, thank God for Mo. Where would SAINTS be without her?
I liked her from the start, but I liked her even more when I found out she was a girl! :)


wouldn't you consider some of the animals at the auction needing to be rescued...
i don't know many people who go to an auction to buy an old pet cow. (if i could only win the lottery).
How many cows are out there needing to be rescued - Jeanette wasn't a cow that needed rescuing but we still took her - i thought she was in need of a new home for the sake of her elderly owner, but she wasn't going to be euthanized if saints didn't take her.
Most cows that would need being rescued would end up at ... the auction.