Rescue Journal

an ooops kind of day.

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2008

i finally fell asleep around 5 am and didn't wake up til trina arrived at 8:20...ooops. i tossed rusty to her to take to the vets cuz he was supposed to be there by 0830 for his surgery today....ooops again. the phone then rang and my friend reminded me i was giving a tour to her and her mom this morning....ooops once more.
the rest of the day progressed pretty good til laura showed up at noon to help me unload the barn feed...which of course i hadn't gone to buy yet...add another ooops to my day. so i run to get the feed and when i get back... i sneak the van around to the barn. suddenly almost every single freaking dog on the place is surrounding me and the van. i open the doors and laura helps me to unload and everyone is jumping in and out of the van and tearing the inside apart, looking for food of which there is sure to be some...even our biggest giant jed and our littlest icky chi's (who by the way, after almost three years, have decided they are now going to be farm dogs.)

first phoebe found a month old donut...oops and then a full bag of dog biscuits. i look over and see laura surrounded by the ever expanding saintliest crew eating cookies and having a tail gate party out in the field....they were all really enjoying themselves....all the really big and slobbery guys were sliming up the backs of the littler ones with drool and bits of cookies...oh yay.
but my very biggest, most dangerous oops came when the vet called to say rusty was ready. so i jumped in the van and drove down to the clinic and sat down to wait on the bench inside. i hear one of the receptionists say..."is that a cat crawling out the window of that car?" and i am thinking "what loser takes a loose cat in the car. it should be safely confined in a carrier".
well i am the loser cuz when i looked out, it was to see saint frodo the cat, regally stretched and leaning out my drivers seat window perusing this new kingdom he might want to explore.....really big oops....bad cat frodo.

i think i had enough of ooops's today.



Every time I come out to Saints for a couple of hours Frodo is always on top of my car. He doesn't seem to move until I turn the car on and start backing out slowly! and then I worry I might run over him. Once when I was pulling out of a friends driveway I turned to look over my shoulder and her cat was stretching out sharpening his claws on my back seat! Lucky I noticed him before I left Surrey and headed back to Vancouver.


That was quite a day you had. Glad everything turned out okay. Leave it to Phoebe to find a donut.


lol deb.....frodo is not normal(ish)...he is quite the slasher/bite off your face/ and rip the crap out of any big or small dog...he has attacked freaking carly!..but he is only like that with humans when he is in a bad mood...on car rides he is generally enjoying himself and feeling pretty damn pleased.


I swear Frodo can get into a vehicle through the keyhole. He's almost always somewhere in my truck when I'm ready to leave SAINTS. Scared the hell out of me once when he popped up from my back seat like one of the demonic , just-escaped-from-the-maximum-security-prison-psych-ward, slasher dudes from those really cheesy movies.
Nothing like almost wetting oneself because of a totally normal (ish) cat and a totally abnormal imagination.


i am sorry carol but you made me laugh about frodo every once in a while you have got to have a funny storysee y ou tomorrow.


That tailgate party was awesome. I was in my glory with all the Saints crew. I didn't even have a Corona...didn't need one, it was a pure natural high!!!

P.S. Carol don't forget what is in the glovebox in the van.