Rescue Journal

Our Madison has suffered a stroke.

 ·  Jul. 4, 2008

She is still with us, but not able to settle or relax, and her eyes have changed. They are bloodshot and not holding focus.

We'll be maling some tough decisions as a family if Maddie survives the night and/or the next few days.

Our ARF Reserve dog, our tough nut, our Eeyore. What are we supposed to do if she doesn't have the strength or will to fight her way back from the deep hole she has fallen into?

Please think tender, healing thoughts for a beautiful dog, a loved dog, a very, very good dog.

My dog.



Hope Maddy recovers she looks like such a sweetheart. Trev and I enjoyed the video, I thought it was funny and Trev thought he should sing along too.


that was way too coolwhat a bunch of great awesome dogsand they are not tone deaf unlike me

Chris T

Maddie is doing ok this morning. Here is vidoe of her leading the Thomas Family Canine Tabernacle choir.


It was o long night, a scary night, but Madison is still here with us and even shows signs of improvement. This may have been a one off incident, or a harbinger of things to come, but right here, right now, Maddie is here with us, safe and very much loved, and to ask for more would be selfish.
We will have the strength to do right by Madison, regardless of what that looks like.
Thank you all for your kind words. Eva, Maddie loves you.


oh deb, i really hope this is something the Maddie can recover from. strokes are very sad/scary things to watch.
i lay on the floors with Oz for almost a day after she had hers. it was a wonderful time just being with her for a day straight but also very hard to watch her not being able to settle or relax. I hope Maddie is able to get there.
take care.

Eva Stock

Hi my dear friends;

I hope with all my heart that Maddie will recover and be with us longer. I am so sorry Deb for your tremendous worry. I have learned to love her gentle, sweet demeaner and her quiet ways. Please give her a hug for me and tell her I love her. Eva


ohhh..i am sorry you guys, i am gathering that maddie has gotten worse, hugs to you all and what will be will be but what is really, really is the reality of today is that maddie is surrounded by love, every second of every day. lucky dog.


Madison, may the darkness you are in be replaced by the healing light of God. May He guide you back to those of this Earth who love you so dearly and who need you. If that is not His plan, may He take you into His arms and envelop you in healing love. May He shower those left behind with understanding and love as well.

God's plan is not painless and it doesn't always go the way we would like it to, but I pray that this time God will restore Madison and allow her to remain among us. I am sure that she still has much to teach us.

Carol, my prayers are with you and I hope that your prayers are answered.