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nothin' like living in a freaking wet plastic bag...

Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2008 is POURING down rain here...i got caught in it, nicole, zoe and megan got caught in it and the dogs are all dripping wet too...smells like a canine public pool locker room around here. i tossed flannels everywhere to soak up the wet floors and wet dogs and i am not really complaining. the grass and ground is getting a thorough soaking and we really, really needed that.

nicole got some video today of the dogs down by the pond...jewel is a hoot and oka is a nut with a bit of a sore leg today. i am not too sure he is used to all of this activity so i am going to start him on pain meds today.

cuddles the cat has moved to nicole's home as her newest saints foster guy...remember his name according to nicole is "thorny" so if she is talking about "thorny", you know she is talking about cuddles. yay thorny cuddles!
megan has adopted colton our guinea pig...he will now have company once again. megan is a dedicated small animal fan and knows way more about them then i do. yay colton!

yay carol! two less to be responsible for!



Our Madison is doing really well. Thanks for asking.:)
Anyone who didn't know Maddie pre-stroke wouldn't think there was anything wrong with her, she looks like any other hale and hearty 15 year old GSD X Blue Heeler. She is different, though. Not bad different, just not quite Maddie.
I'm not complaining!! We got a second chance with Madison, and we now see every day with her as a gift. She may leave is next week, or next month or next year, but right now she is here, loved, relatively healthy and happy.

Eva Stock

Hi guys;

My question too, how is beautiful Maddie? I will see you soon dear dog, and friends. She looked awesome on the video. Eva

I was glad to see ytou Hiedi. Take care of yourself and your handsome Trevor.

Will be down in a bit Carol. I will clean out Colton's house and it will be available if we need it. Simon still nervous at times. Hope he soon relaxes completely. Eva


that is so funny eva. i am really missing everyone two and four legged. i was our briefly on canada day with trev and my mom so i didn't stay long. just long enough to share some tim bits with the outside guys. jed is adorable i think he likes me or maybe he just needed a human sized napkin. i will remember a change of clothes next time. if you find a black leash on the bench outside it's trevs but you can throw it away-its pretty chewed up. why do i always forget stuff there? Deb how is Madison?

Eva Stock

I have decided that Frodo has made losers out of three of us. No. 1 is Mo as she took him down the Lougheed hwy and had to bring him back. Carol No. 2 took him all the way to Maple Ridge and almost had him doin a little research. And I the huge loser left my sunroof open because he was so interested in it , in a rain forest area with a forcast for rain. I am No 3. Oh yes and I was late to take my grandson and buddies to the movie as I had to try to dry things out abit so I could go get them. Thank goodness they just made it on time and did not miss any of the movie.

I am so glad to hear that Colton is ok. and has a good home. I know he was happy getting some greens and carrots. He is so cute!! Thanks for adopting him.

I had a great day at Saints and in the company of some of the human Saints too.


Colton has settled in really nicely so far. My boys haven't given him any trouble. They all ate their greens and carrots together with a minimal amount of teeth chattering. :) I've given them separate hidey houses, just in case.

Thanks Carol for the great addition to my family!!!!


ah...but eva... you weren't sitting in your car with the sunroof open in the pouring down rain so that is a good thing, you were almost smarter than the rest of us...but not quite!

Eva Stock

excuse me I also was at Saints and my sunroof was open!! I now have miosture absorbent things in my car and had to cover the seats with incontinent pads so I could take Colton ( my grandson, not the g pig ) to the theatre with his 2 buddies. You can leave me out sometimes but not all the time carol. (smile) So everyone you are now a witness. Nicole got the list of pics I need for the charts today. (smile) Eva