Rescue Journal

how to piss off a pig...

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2008

fluff up her bed to make it bigger and thicker and softer with some very nice and very expensive new straw ($16 a bale)...tunie is choked.



Yup - pigs love to be sung to, and do not like their beds messed with. Last time I changed the straw for my piggies, three of them moved out.....they hauled mouthful after mouthful of straw over to the feeding stall and slept there instead!


Lol... if she can handle me , she can take anything. Tunie is a hoot, when you sing she wags here tail like crazy and when you stop her tail wags a couple more times then stops dead.... I love that pig !!!!

However she does like to do her own interior design , perhaps she was choked at having to do it late in the day after she's been lounging around in Elli-Mae's place.


Somebody would call in a cruelty complaint to the SPCA if I started singing at SAINTS.


"what the world needs now is love sweet love...." mo taught it to her, it makes her happy...come on deb..try it, it feels good..."what the world needs now is love sweet love...." start with humming, then progress...practice makes perfect pigs happy again!


That would of course be "a dyke has to maintain some self-respect." Or not.


Okay, then it's just me she hates. Even when I give her graham crackers and she does her ATM routine, I feel like she thinks she's slumming. I gave her watermelon, I gave her pear slices. I did not and will not sing to her, stupid songs songs or not, a dike has to maintain some self-respect.
Does she hate me because I'm Jewish?



she is always happy ...with folks she knows well and who sing stupid songs to her, feed her strawberries, and do not mess around with her bed.


Has there ever been a minute, a second, a millisecond that Petunia-the-Diva-Pig was not choked? She's like the Leona Helmsley of the porcine set.