Rescue Journal

a bunch of guys not feeling so great

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2008

spritely's bad leg is sore...gideon's right hip is sore and he hasn't been sore with his arthritis since we got him under control when he originally came in, and ellie's feet are sore tonight too....hmmm, what were they all up to today when i was at work?

something is up with raymond's back end...he is walking stiff and painful and he was incontinent of a large, soft poop while he was sleeping today. i really like this dog, my gut says he has suffered the absolute worse neglect and abuse of any animal here...even cole. and yet there is a sweetness, a softness, a gentleness, a bemused bewilderedness about him that speaks right to me. he gets mad when the other dogs yell at him, he tries to avoid our hands reaching out to him but all of it is just raymond saying...i have been badly hurt. i will try to get him into the vet on one of my lunchbreaks this week.

iky is also going to the vet, but she already has an appointment on my break tomorrow...she is irritable, losing weight, blowing her coat and has a funky bump at the base of her tail.

and i have to get red in too...he has been on abx for the past couple weeks and is not pulling up again. i am afraid he will be the next americat to pass from that insideous disease....hopefully i am wrong.
i am moving the dogs around to different areas to create a better personality mix...iky and jewel and phoebe are moving out to the kitchen and that will be just their space cuz i am tired of their inflicting their chaos on everyone else....and everyone else is tired of their chaos too.


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Just to say Marie and I will be out tomorrow. Can clean cat room, rabbit room, yard. Looking forward to being there.
Take care


perhaps the barn guys have been famously naughty in their runs today? or perhaps it's a sign of heavy rain to come?


lol shelley...she needs a real home, not just a vestibule...anyway, i cannot give her what i do not have but she can have everything i can fork over...carly is funny and fun, she is adorable and incredibly sweet and kind, geez, she is even cooperative most of the time too!!!...and even her being a pain in the butt with the other guys is done with very good humor and good will, she thinks pretending to be a bad ass is FUN. she is a funny and happy chubby little bugger....and that is why i love her too....if nicole does figure out how to get her home, that vestibule will be very empty.


I say amen to that - just seeing Carly now compared to when she was at the Shelter is so so great. She is so happy and safe and she loves Carol. That's all she needs.


Raymond has such a sweet aura, he's just this kind and gentle soul who seems so very grateful for every kindness. Tucker is a little like Raymond, and while his suffering was not as great, he is still adjusting to the good life, and not taking a thing for granted. Raymond hurts my heart, much like Isaac and Francis did. Beautiful, dignified old dogs who had apparently been denied any of even the most basic comforts and compassion, but they never lost their pride, and they didn't hold grudges, even though I don't think trusting humans was ever a possibility for them.
God, the difference pre-SAINTS to post-SAINTS just hammers home the inhumanity suffered by far too many of "man's best friends".
I hope sweet Raymond feels better soon.