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less is more

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2008

...more or less...except when it comes to bleach and toilet paper...then i am all for use as much as you possibly can.

i drained the well dry this morning...i went off to work and left the hose running in the outside water trough by the barn...duh. anyway, the well has recovered because we didn't use any water today (oh the pile of laundry waiting for tomorrow to come!

i haven't been feeling great or sleeping well for the past couple of days...i think my body is reacting to the continual stress of the past 6-8 weeks. the good news is the eviction hearing is coming up so one way or another by the end of the week, at least that will finally be dealt with and we can move on from there.

less is more...less stress means i have more inside me to give to the animals with the obvious exceptions of bleach and toilet paper use...less is more is a probable good thing, and i can think of some other things that i need a heck of alot of less of and should start working on those things next.



G.L. Carol even though I'm not really sure what you are talking about but I can quess! People suck-how can anyone sue a senior animal shelter or for that matter thow dogs from car, chain them up or abuse them. I'm sure you will win or perhaps you should go to the papers.


ahhh laura...that whole conversation is worthy of an entire blog..maybe later if i find my funny bone again..i might have left it at embers!

Eva Stock

Will be down there this am. Have to go to the lab first for fasting blood work. All the best at the hearing from me too. Eva


YES TO LESS!!! Who said toilet paper is an exception
Remember our conversaton at Embers and how you were embarrassed as a teenager about the ``wrapping``
Every square cost $$$$$$!!!!! lol:)