Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2008

new incoming who is already here...saints welcomes "lady" a sweet little geriatric poodle who is incontinent and slightly messed up...she is an orphan whose owner recently passed away.

spritely's leg has blown up...she was good this morning...came out and had a good roll and a few hours later she was non weight bearing and in a ton of pain. mo stayed with her for most of the day and waited for the vet. he has come and gone and she is beginning to move around a bit better now. we have injectible meds for her once again and are to double her quatrisol for the next 3 doses and see how things go...... bad, bad spritely...quit believing you are a healthy cannot run or roll around...i keep telling you that! if you would just act like a cripple then everything would be fine so quit pretending you are the sun's fire goddess and thundering around!!!!

oh, and so much for making sissy suffer with shivers this morning...i got the terrasen gas in the mail...apparently i paid the last bill twice and now have a huge credit...i wondered why i was so broke this paycheques just seemed to i paid all of the other bills twice too....sorry sweet sissy, i am stupid and mean and if you want the fire on tomorrow morning, you can have it cuz we have lot's of room for a little extra heat. TGIF...i am tired and i better go and hose down spritely's leg and then i can spend a couple of quiet hours settling our newest lady in.


Vi Morse

Hi Carol,
Sorry to hear about Spritely. Since I am sponsoring her am really interested in how she is doing. Must come out and have a talk with her. Give her a hug for me and hope the leg gets better soon.
Hope to see you soon too. V