Rescue Journal

every dog needs a job.

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2008

if left to their own devices, they generally pick one that they are good at and truly enjoy.

cole is our skulking resident cop.

phoebe and jewel and maude are our drama queens.

jesse doesn't let any unknown persons near the mp room.

cuddles is the ultimate companion.

tyra is the leader of all the troops and copper is our resident thief.

iky likes to clean out the fridge.

nola nags all canine newcomers and squirt is our canine welcome wagon greeter.

and then there is jed who has picked a job that i am not sure i agree with. the dog has an uncanny gift at searching out recent intimate behavior. i wasn't going to say anything, (cuz what can you say?) but we are now up to several confirmed cases of jed's unique ability....jed is a sex detecter and he takes his job very seriously.

so if you visit saints after a romantic weekend, please be aware that jed is on duty and is very dedicated to doing his job well (to the point where he literally and relentlessy chases his victims around...who knew that jed could even run?)...there is a whole great big world out there that is none of anyone's business but unfortunately jed has decided that this job suited him. it is probably because the only part of his body that really works well is that freaking giant and overly snoopy big nose...dogs, they always find some kind of job that they want to do....apparently jed wanted to be a sex detecter, i really don't think we needed one of those.....i wish he had picked something else.



I have a theory, that Jed has this all figured out. He makes himself out as this huge, sappy, cute pile of slobber, and uses it as an excuse to ravage unsuspecting volunteers.
Jed, you just wait. We're watching you.


I think Jed is just very interested in females whether they've recently returned from a trist or not. Maybe he perceives us as Newfie-compatible! Speaking as Jed's "special friend," I'd say he's had this grand passion for several weeks and it grows as he gets healthier. In my experience, if you literally stand up to him, tell him firmly to mind his manners and refuse to be bullied, he'll back down. If you quickly sidestep out of the range of his shadowy peripheral vision, he'll also find himself with nowhere to go. It helps if you have treats available to give him something else to think about. Running only gets him more motivated to pursue. Given his size and breed, Jed wants to capture and down his intended paramour, typically starting with a right hook from his right front leg. He's not strong enough to wheel around quickly if you sidestep and get behind him when he does this. I find Jed also feels hurt when you make your lack of interest clear to him and he'll back off and lie down. I've found Cleo and Oka really helpful as mediators in the middle of this dance. Like many giant-breed male dogs, Jed quickly translates affection into an opportunity for dominance which is expressed sexually. In my experience so far, he will respect a very firm 'no' though as his strength (hopefully) returns, this will become more of a challenge. (Sorry to butt into this conversation as a newbie; I fell in love with Jed when I first visited Saints.)


HaHaHa That is way too funny! My old mal Annie used to stick her head between any and all males legs, they didn't mind that so much but they didn't like it when she head butted them you know where. And no I didn't teach her that.


Kiefer loves to shove his giant nose into any the most sensitive areas of friend, new acquaintance, stranger....
It's his own unique version of "Duck, duck, GOOSE!"
That's how he welcomed Chris' mom when she arrived earlier this week. His enthusiasm is appreciated more by some than others.


That is so funny!!!!!!!!! I think he should probably have a special hat that has a little pocket of condoms for his victims.