Rescue Journal

good morning, rise and shine

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2008

i love it in the early mornings when maude comes to stand before sad, so soft, so quietly disappointed with her nose lightly dusted with cat box sucks when someone ate all the cat poop before you.

i want a bed know, one of those days when you don't get dressed and just wander back and forth between the fridge, the bed and the couch (without having to carry a mop and a big roll of paper towels)...i used to have those once...not very often, but occasionally when i planned them well....sigh, the things we truly will never see again are the things we yearn for the most...please don't anyone feel you have to find this for me again by offerring me the use of your house..because the absolute beauty of a bed day is the utter and complete safety and soul deep comfortability of my house, my bed, my fridge and my couch.....and that is one of the things i gave away and one of the things i remember that i really enjoyed....i could have one again i suppose if i work at it but not for awhile yet.

the plus side is loneliness and boredom are not one of my burdens....i used to get lonely when i thought i needed understanding til i realized, i only need to understand myself......then.... being surrounded by some really freaking funny animals was more than enough company for me....maude and her dusty nose is still gazing longingly at me....sorry babe, i REALLY can't help you with this one right now.
better get my butt moving and go look at the copper-toned diva's leg...the pink princess needs a helpful heave ho to get her out of bed and my knight in white shining armour wants to get out and roll in the dirt....good morning to planet earth...slug-a-bugs all have to forego their why am i whining cuz i had to leave mine? (cuz whining helps get you reluctantly moving each day) ...rising and shining sometimes seriously sucks.



I recently discovered your rescue/blog and would like to congratulate you on doing a WONDERFUL service to animals. You are an angel for them...just looking at the pictures that are posted, they all look happy as can be (especially 'Tucker', who's smiling face I can't get out of my head!).

While you are a few provinces away, I felt I needed to post a link to your site on my own website, as I'm sure my readers will find your blog fascinating and perhaps inspire them to consider adopting an older dog here.

Good work once again : )