Rescue Journal

don't mess with the meals.

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2008

laura was here last night and helped me put the barn guys to bed..she got to see our fast flying pig for the very first time! gosh ellie is lovely, just like a pretty and pink, real life dinosaur flying up from the field.

percy was unhappy, he was bawling and even squeezed out a tear and sadly it was all my fault. with jeanette's passing it is no longer necessary to fill all three hay mangers at night...not for just percy, pete and edith. sooo....i left one empty. but i left the WRONG one empty and apparently this broke percy's heart. laura and carly and i were down by the pond and percy was wailing away, up we went to see what was wrong and to find his little tear streaked face. i don't know how i knew what was upsetting him but instinctively i did and i went to get him some more hay. he charged up to the feeder beside me and settled right down and ate from his apparently most favorite and sacred place. silly cow-boy was happy again.

i tried to eat 3 cookies for dinner but there were 9 dogs staring at me so needless to say we all collectively got very little and then i was too tired to fight for a different, more substantial dinner of my own....this i why i like to go thru the drive in for is the only time i can actually eat in peace and without 20 eyes staring accusingly at is my one guilt-free meal each day.



Hmmmm Thanks heaps Deb, who can really enjoy a butter tart with no raisins ????? I'll try to save one to have with my Sunday morning coffee ( with baileys ) while I sit & listen to the bells from the Abbey.

Chris T

Tucker likes the ones with nuts. He very skillfully got one (just one and didn't knock the whole pan down) butter tart off of the cookie sheet. He is highly skilled for a dog who spent 15 years in a pen!

Chris T

MMMM, and let me tell you all they are good ooey, gooey, buttery tart heaven!!! With raisins of course!

I am also sending Carol some vegetarian soup. I bet you aren't all lining up for that!!! LOL


Carol likes butter tarts sans raisins (She must be one of those damn Yankees or something). So pecans it is. Angelina will bring them out to you on Saturday, Carol. Mo, my love, since you know that raisinless butter tarts are a travesty, I'll make sure some with raisins also make it to S.A.I.N.T.S. :)


A pig in fast motion is a sight to behold! My potbellied pigs can be at the far end of the pasture and if I call "piggypiggypiggy" (their call word for "dinner") they can reach the barn faster than a speeding bullet - all twelve of them come racing around the corner, feet flying so fast I can almost see the goggles, scarf and racing stripes!

Deb...oh Deb......buttertarts with raisons.....
s i g h.


Carol, do you like butter tarts? (Real butter tarts, not Safeway "butter tart squares" which taste like soggy, butter flavored cardboard). If so, with/without raisins?


I probably scared Carol, because she was in the barn and when I called Ellie to come from the bottom field I was loudly saying "OMG".. PIGS REALLY DO FLY! I have only seen Ellie in 1 gear..slow. To see her at high speed galloping thru the mud was a beautiful sight. She must have known Carol fixed her up an extra special dinner with strawberries.(spoiled.. the way it should be!) Speaking of spoiled Percy takes the prize.

Uhmmm...cookies for dinner??....I'm thinking it may be a must that you take 1hr and come to that gourmet Bbq. fundraiser..we can make it work!