Rescue Journal

making today a bit better

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2008

the new dogs had a good night...soft beds, ice cream sandwiches (thx laura!)...i am just waiting for the vet to open to beg a squeeze in to help of her matts is so thick and heavy, it is tearing her skin. i couldn't get it off last night..too thick, too wet, our scissors and shavers can't get thru it and with the skin tearing, i am too afraid try at the point of attachment. we tied the matt up to her in an attempt to relieve the weight of it and i am hoping that if i actually sound as frantic as i feel, the clinic will say "come straight on in"...once that is off her, it is all uphill from there and we can get on with making life pretty good for our newest saints.

sarah is a 12 yr old cocker, with a sunshine personality just like daphne...happy, happy, happy, and kissy, kissy, kissy...OH LOOK!!! a cat to chase!

tawnie is a mystery...her skin and coat is pretty wrecked...i think she might be a sharpei/yellow lab cross but i could be totally wrong (all yellow dogs with wrecked skin and missing hair, somehow look sharpei)...maybe she is really a BC X like iky when her hair grows back in. tawnie is 11 and what a sweet and sensitive girl, she laid on her bed sleeping with both of her paws wrapped around laura's arm.

i just spoke with nancy, the vet tech...they are booked solid but she will get at least that one really bad matt off her and we can deal with the rest at 1145 instead of taking her lunch nancy is going to be helping me and sarah (i might actually be the one in greater need, at least emotionally!)

ok, get dressed, dump run, clean up, clinic run, med refills, new dog baths and whatever else today actually holds....and i will try to put my guilt away for not doing something for these dogs sooner...whatever my excuses were, they were just excuses...i didn't ask, i didn't look cuz i just didn't want to know...sorry girls i am very stupid, your mom kept telling me you needed me and i wouldn't hear.



hey carol, maybe at your BBQ someone might get a picture of sarah...i would love to see of of her. and i am sorry i never got to see you again may as i tried to get everything in 5 days when the year before i had 2 weeks(i lost a couple days with my SUV in the shop) but we are already making plans for our trip next may 2009 to come down to the fraser valley for and areas for 3 wks


Carol, every animal that comes into your care needed to be there "yesterday". How many people, do they measure in the dozens, the hundreds, tell you that their family member needs to be gone "now"? People bear the responsibility of caring for their pets, and if that means finding a new home or a safe haven, that is their duty. S.A.I.N.T.S. is always at maximum capacity, there is never enough space or money available to absorb yet another animal immediately, but you do it whenever you can.
Well sometimes you just can't. Sometimes it should be some other rescue that steps up to the plate and takes on a dog with issues. You can't be the only person willing to deal with the neediest of the needy, and God knows you shouldn't be feeling guilty for not being
able to help each and every animal at the precise moment her/his family abdicates responsibility.
It's the families of the neglected, the abused and the forgotten that should be ashamed, feel stupid and guilty. They should take ownership of their irresponsible actions. You do the very best that you can.


Please stop beating yourself up. You are caring for them now and in no time at all they will forget or forgive the lives they led before SAINTS. What counts is what happens from here on out. You are truly an angel and a saviour.