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Pictures from today's impromptu bbq at SAINTS

Chris  ·  Jul. 20, 2008

Here are lots of pictures of the people and the dogs having a great time! Where I know who the dogs are I have put their names.


Carol and a bunch of dogs!

Copper of course - in his daisy!

Carol relaxing for a change!

Mo feeding leftover hamburgers to the dogs:

Darla!! What a sweetheart!

My favourite Andy:

And again because he is so damn cute!

Carol feeding Ellie Mae some watermelon:

I think this is Pete:

Carol and Percy (close your eyes Mo!!!)

Carl and one of the sheep or is it Edith?? I am not sure:


I am not sure who this is:

Now pics of the SAINTS Memorial Garden:

And that was our afternoon at SAINTS!


francesca wilson

These pictures were the best thing to see this morning when I checked the blog - made me smile, touched me and made me so glad I know SAINTS even in a small way.


Aww! the dogs all look so happy and satisfied. The memorial garden looks fabulous, a real honor to some awesome animals. Thanks for the pics!

Eva Stock

Oh my gosh I want all those pics please for my personal album and theur charts!!! Eva What a beautiful day and awesome Saints. I was definitely there in spirit!! Eva


I'm amazed to see Cooper's daisy has withstood the test of time - for something made from a recycled kid's float board, I sure didn't expect it to last so long. It must be two or three years now. Hmmm....maybe I should market the things!

The Memorial Garden looks lovely.


great pics, great day (except for chasing sarah the ditzy blonde down the freaking road, that just about killed me!) thx for posting them you guys.


more importantly deb can i get your recipe for the potato salad that was great


The memorial garden is beautiful, you all did a wonderful job in creating it. A truly peaceful resting place for those Saints who have left this Earth but not your hearts.

Thank you Chris for psoting the pictures!!!