Rescue Journal

excuse me, but that is my couch.

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2008

raymond was having a tough night tonight...molly was sleeping on his second favorite bed and buddy and sissy were sleeping in his most favorite crate PLUS buddy was being a jerk and rushing raymond each time he wandered by looking for some familiar place to lay down. he ended up outside in the cat run, not sure where to go. enter carol, fixer of all upsetting things for raymond. "buddy and sissy, OUT!...into the kitchen you guys"

except...... buddy and sissy did not want to be in the kitchen, they decided they wanted the couch in my animal free den. AND sarah happens to like to lay on that couch too when i am watching tv. AND tyra of course, lays on any and every couch that i happen to be on and so does cuddles too. AND maude and jewel also wanted on that couch but they didn't fit so they had to lay on the floor....which was fine with them.

BUT....lady happens to live on that couch...she sleeps there, she eats there, (thank god she no longer pees and poops on there and now jumps down to the floor)...but she does in fact live there 23 hours and 47 minutes each day. and....lady does not like sarah. this is because sarah does not ignore her like sarah is supposed to, sarah sniffs her and wags her tail and tries to say hello and lady does not like this. BUT...sarah is a cocker spaniel and a bit of a cheerful ditz and quite often i find some dogs are not cocker fans. cole HATES cocker spaniels...he thinks they are stupid and cole especially HATES stupid happy dogs....cole has hated every single cocker that has ever come in here...except sarah... but that is only cuz he hasn't had an opportunity yet to figure out how cheerfully ditzy she really is. cole would quite like lady tho, she is of a more serious mind. all of these other dogs, are on lady's couch and lady is on the floor where she instinctively knows, she just does not belong. and so she sits in front of me and sends me telepathic messages..."excuse me but that is my couch please....could like everyone get off of there?.....i do not like that rude cocker spaniel with the very busy nose...hello, kind lady, but can you see me here on the floor?....ummm, are you guys all leaving soon?... my couch, my couch, my couch...i want up on my couch please!!!!!"

so, when idol was over, i left to come into here and as far as i know, everyone else has stayed sleeping on lady's couch...i guess i am going to have to go back there and fix lady's problem cuz apparently i am the very upsetting thing fixer around here.