Rescue Journal

True will be passing away today

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2008

True is one of our foster dogs, even i have only met her twice but i know her well from her foster mom's deep and abiding love for her. True was one of those unhappy pound dogs who was not ever going to find a home of her own. She was covered with some pretty odd and strange growths and we tried to get her into a boxer rescue but they, like us, were full. so we paid for the surgical removals to increase her adoptability from the pound and left her there hoping she would soon find a home. She didn't and she was having trouble healing from her mass removals and along came an angel named dawn one day. she had adopted true's senior kennel mate and he was already breaking their bank account and they were afraid of taking on another medically expensive nightmare. it was the perfect solution for true, she already liked the dorky old lab and dawn was already half in love with true too. so true went home with dawn and her family and we continued to provide for her medical care. true got a great, great home, she quickly became dawn's very own true best friend. i knew that true was having more and more trouble with ongoing cancer and increasing weakness but dawn and the vets were caring for her so well. today true can no longer rise to her feet and her beloved best friend is taking her in to help her gently pass.

my deepest gratitude and condolences to dawn and her family, i know how badly they are hurting today. while i did not know true very well at all, i knew a couple of really important things, true loved dawn, dawn loved true and true has had a year of someone loving her as much as she loved someone too...i cannot ask for a better life ending for a great senior dog who found a new and wonderful life from such a sad and unhappy place.
hugs to you dawn...gentle passing true.



Thank you all for your kind thoughts. True passed peacefully this morning at 8:30 with her mom & dad right by her side. I would like to thank Carol for trusting me with such a wonderfull dog and the staff at Hill N' Dale who took such good care of her in her last months. She will be deaply missed by all that had the chance to get to know her. I know my life will forever be changed....

Rest in peace my True, I love you.



Rest well, True. Dawn, thank you for loving a dog that nobody else wanted. It's hard to look at a beloved friend and realize others don't see the beauty that you do. Bless you for seeing the beauty that was True.


My condolences to Dawn and her family. I remember meeting True at the pound, and thinking what a lovely dog she was, lumps and all. I am so glad she got to spend her final year being loved by a family.
Pass gently, True, and then run free.
Dawn, she will be forever with you.

Eva Stock

So happy for True and the great time with that foster Mom and family. What a blessing. Rest well True.
I will chart on her today and move her file. Eva