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Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2008

jesse has her new yard.

the americats construction for their outdoor space starts tomorrow.

mrs p. who became polly when tammy adopted her, sadly passed away from cancer yesterday. thank you tammy for giving her your home and your heart so she did not end her life upset and unhappy....that is the real gift in what we do.
maude has been weirder than usual for the past couple of days...not sure what her problem is but i am trying to figure it out and will let you know as soon as i do.

i missed oka's vet appointment ill-timed call from my lawyer with the tenant's newest demand drove it right out of my head. i will call and apologize for my stupidity tomorrow and try to re-book to get him in asap. sorry oka, i suck. i will be glad when all of this becomes a well learned lesson and i can move many things that i have to learn in this life that i truly would rather not....but then i guess the same is true for everyone else in the world so i will just learn what i can and try not to make the same errors in judgement ever again...haha...altho i am sure i will keep making new ones. the world is just ripe for me blundering around, i better train jesse to protect me instead of the mp room, she is way smarter than me, she just assumes anyone who comes to her window is up to no good! she is a funny (and very intelligent) dog and i already know she is going to be a pain out in that yard with fence arguing with anyone that she can.



She was a great cat, wonderful smile, quick to purr. Loved her sunspot in the afternoon. Loved to go outside and check things out. Our life together had only just begun, two and a half months was such a short time to have her. I'm just glad she found a great deal of happiness here (even though she greatly disliked her new step brother).
I will miss her dearly, she dug herself deep into my heart. It was an honour to be her human.
Thanks Carol for letting me bring her home.

Eva Stock

Sorry to hear about Mrs. P (Polly) She was very beautiful! Glad you had her for the time you did. Rest in peace Polly. Eva


Tammy, I'm sorry to hear about mrs. p It was so wonderful that you made her feel special even if it was for a short time.