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Christian the Lion

 ·  Jul. 24, 2008

I hope this works - go to the following link:


I usuually do not cry watching videos that make most people bring out the kleenex box. But this video makes me cry everytime I see it. That moment on Christian's face when he remembers - oh my god!!!. The pure look of joy on all three souls in this video is just so heart warming. This video is making the rounds (I have recieved it 2x) and most people think it is about lost friendships. But what I see is the definition of what is so unique about animals and their relationships with a different species.



I couldn't see the video either. Try this link - it also has the story.

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i am not commenting on this because i can't watch it...i need a new computer.



i read about this story when i first saw this video a year or two ago.

christian, the lion, had started his own pride with two or three females when he was released (first beginning with an older lion, a kind of father/older brother to show him the ropes before settling on his own), and hadn't been seen or located for a year before this date. there had been a lot of debate whether they SHOULD go and see him, or even if he'd be around to see.

they were in africa, hopeful, when the bare-chested man in this video (a well-known lion guru, a supporter of them against poachers and living in the wild with them), called them and simply said, Christian was there with his pride, and waiting for them.

they went back to camp, Christian in the middle and the two lads on either side, and partied well into the night. eventually Christian went back to his pride, much to the chagrin of the females, who disliked the smell of cigarettes and humans all over him.

like the fellow said, there is something else about these animals- they know more, either through mind, scent, or something else- christian KNEW something was going on, hence why he appeared, out of no where, at the same camp he was wanted.