Rescue Journal

quick good news today

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2008

oka does not have osteosarcoma which i was starting to worry about...our 12 yr old happy rotti just has some arthritis in his elbow...oh yay oka!!!! he had a blast today...two car rides with me playing ball with him in the van while i was driving (how safe is that????) and an afternoon stay at the clinic for bloodwork and xrays with more ball playing and ALOT of cookies....the staff said he had a good time...oka said he thought they were pretty fun too...what a dog!

tawnie's bloodwork is back, mild kidney disease, inflammation and non regenerative anemia...the first two are no big deal and the anemia i will worry about if in the next few weeks her Hgb truly doesn't improve with a million less fleas....yay tawnie!

tigger woods was feeling crappy but since we started him on abx, he is feeling WAY better and maude is still a bit weird but not as weird as she was so she must be feeling better now too.

as to all the nasty human selfish crap that periodically crops up in some form or another, year after year after year....., i have been thinking about this and i have decided...humans create their own problems, they make their own choices and decisions, they behave and act however they choose. a few then blame someone else for their now messed up life, blamers are trouble for someone like me... i am not letting those kind of folks in here anymore, it becomes too much of a pain in the ass.

i am going to design a tricky blaming questionaire and hand it out as soon as someone comes here to "help" me or the animals....cuz some "help" is too painful...actually saying this is not nice maybe but it is pretty damn true.



i think it will be multiple choice and then some short answers...

1. when someone cuts you off on the hwy, you....
A.feel like chasing them down and giving them the finger so they know, you know, that they are stupid.
B. you actually do chase them down and give them finger so for sure they know, you know, that they are stupid.
C. swerve out of the way and almost side swipe the car next to you and give them the finger for not getting out of your way.
D take down the license plate number and report the unsafe driving to the RCMP.
E. thank god you didn't get killed and say a prayer asking that the person driving the car is more careful.

2. if your boss is a jerk and then fires you for absolutely no reason because you are wonderful and he is stupid, you...
A. keep any of his tools that you have because he is a jerk.
B. tell everyone you quit cuz he is stupid.
C. tell everyone that you got fired cuz you know more than he does and he didn't like that.
D. call labour relations and report him for being a jerk and dishonest.
E. thank your lucky stars that now you have a very good excuse for finding a better job where you will be appreciated.
F. take a holiday and then look for a new job.

3.Your mother dies without leaving a will or making her last wishes known, and your sister lives far away and hasn't spoken to your mom in 15
A. do all the work to probate the estate and divide the proceeds of the will equally.
B. you give your sister a token amount but never tell her exactly how much there was.
C. you keep it all cuz your mom didn't like your sister and you don't either.
D. you take a very large probate percentage and then split the rest in half.
E. you divide the estate equally among all your siblings and the grandkids.
F. you donate it all to charity.

4. Every time someone asks a question...
A. you know the answer right away.
B. if you don't know the answer, you say you do.
C. if you say the wrong answer, you argue that it is the right answer.
D. you say you don't understand the question.
E. you say "I don't know the answer to that question."
F, you research the question and come back to give the right answer as soon as you can.

5. The best way to get people to listen to what you have to say is...
B whine
C bully
D ask a question.
D.list your knowledge and credentials and give your opinion.
F sit and wait til someone asks you to speak.

6.list 5 of your greatest strengths and weaknesses,

7. explain how you came by each.

8. who is your hero and why.

9. list 3 of your most favorite movies or books and why.

10.what is the biggest mistake that you ever made?


You need someone to design the tricky questionnaire.

--Then you can blame them if it doesn't correctly weed out the blamers.