Rescue Journal

quickie news 2

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2008

iky has made a match, she goes off on a trial tomorrow evening (we are hoping the resident cat doesn't torment her, thus the trial)...yay iky, hope the kitty ignores you.

the possible home for oka fell thru, the folks got a bit gun shy because of his age...his bloodwork is back and he is anemic with low albumin which means he is bleeding somewhere it is just as well he stays here for a bit til we do more testing to figure this out.

buddy and sissy and tiger lily have a very nice newly retired couple coming to see them on monday..we will see how that goes and hope it goes really well.

The americats outdoor area is really taking shape...the basics will be done on monday and then they can come out. we will have to wait a bit for the ramps. shelves, climbing things and walkways tho cuz steve is taking a short break to get some fishing in....that is ok cuz we are patient and they can come out while they are waiting for the finishing touches to their new playground..

sooooo...tawnie is feeling much better, tawnie is feeling full and powerful again..... tawnie bit maude in the ear today cuz tawnie was overly excited waiting for lunch to be served....maude thinks this new and improved tawnie royally SUCKS.


Eva Stock

That is true about Oka Deb. I wanted to name him soul as He looks right into your eyes and speaks to you. I hope a solution is right around the corner. Eva


I cannot somehow picture the fireplace without Buddy and Sissy in front of it!


Wow, when it rains, it pours!! Good luck IKY, Buddy and Sissy, and Tiger Lily. If things work out, awesome, and if they don't, you'll still be safe, warm and loved. It's all good.
Too bad about Oka. He's a sweetheart, just a beautiful soul. His forever family may still be out there, or, like IKY, Buddy, Sissy and Tiger Lily, he'll always have a home. It's a win-win situation for him. :)